Western Australia Anglican Archbishop blocks motion supporting same-sex civil unions

Anglican Archbishop of Perth Roger Herft has blocked a motion saying gay civil unions can co-exist with heterosexual marriages despite two thirds of the state’s Anglican Synod voting in favor of doing so

Western Australia Anglican Archbishop blocks motion supporting same-sex civil unions
30 October 2013

The head of the Anglican Church in the state of Western Australia has again vetoed a motion in support of the civil legal recognition of same-sex relationships alongside heterosexual marriage.

The motion was passed by more than two thirds of the attendees of the church’s synod in Perth at the beginning of the month but the Anglican Archbishop of Western Australia Roger Herft had 30 days in which he could decide to assent or dissent to the motion.

On Monday Herft announced his dissent on the motion, saying, ‘the church cannot formally accept certain behaviors.’

Despite acknowledging a diversity of views on human sexuality among Anglicans in Western Australia, Herft said that recognition of a diversity of theologies did not mean all were acceptable.

‘Sexual identity and theological diversity that permits abuse, promiscuity and exploitation is abhorrent,’ Herft said.

Heft also opposed the motion because it appeared to sanction the recognition of civil same-sex marriages when his Diocese was opposed to any recognition of same-sex relationships.

However there is still hope that the Anglican Church in Western Australia may adopt the motion as it now goes to the Provincial Council of the Anglican Province of Western Australia for a final vote.



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