Westlife’s Feehily and boyfriend split

Irish boyband Westlife speak of their own break-up as Mark Feehily and Kevin McDaid separate

Westlife’s Feehily and boyfriend split
02 January 2012

Westlife pop star Mark Feehily has split from his partner Kevin McDaid after seven years together.

Irish singer Feehily, 31, told his fans about the separation on Twitter, reports the Daily Mail.

He wrote: 'Sadly, Kevin & I are no longer together. We've had an amazin 7 yrs & are both so thankful for the love & support u have shown us from the start.

'We won't be answering any questions about this as its a very private matter. Thanks in advance for understanding that. Lots of love, Mx.' (sic)

Feehily met McDaid, 27, at a charity concert in Dublin in 2005. McDaid was part of boyband V until 2005, before becoming a photographer.

They went public with the relationship when the Feehily came out in an interview with the Sun newspaper in 2007.

The pair got engaged in January 2010 and had planned to eventually become parents.

Meanwhile Westlife have spoken of their decision to split up themselves.

The Flying Without Wings hitmakers, an Irish boyband originally signed by Simon Cowell and managed by Louis Walsh, are going their separate ways after 14 years because it’s no longer ‘special’.

Lead vocalist Shane Filan said: ‘It felt like it wasn’t special any more, not like it used to be. For the fans it’s slightly different but for us it’s been like, “Are we getting better? Are we getting worse? Are we getting to the stage where we aren’t enjoying it?” It is half our life.’

The four-some (fifth member Brian McFadden left in 2004) will do a farewell tour this summer.

Filan added: ‘None of us want to let it go and all of us will be crying come June [when the tour ends], but it’s time.’

Nicky Byrne said: ‘We never wanted to fall down and just be one of those bands that released records all the time, which we felt we were starting to do. And it felt like, “You know what, lads? We’re OK – we’ve done a lot!”’

The group admit they have been ready to split for some time and have enjoyed their recent trip to Asia much more because they were relaxed knowing they were about to announce they are going their separate ways.

Kian Egan said: ‘I shouldn’t say it but before we went on tour to Asia, we knew what was going to happen. We knew it was our last tour in Asia and when we came back we were going to release the news, so Asia’s probably the best trip we’ve had in years!

‘It was like going away with your four mates on the piss. It was a fairytale moment.’

Filan added: ‘It’s probably been brewing for a good year, as we knew we were coming to the Greatest Hits album and the end of our contracts. We’d all been sitting down and talking about the pressure and the stress of trying to make the record and get it right.’

Westlife have sold 44 million records since forming in 1998.



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