What did Queen Latifah’s appearance at gay pride festival mean?

Music and film star referred to crowd in Long Beach as 'her people'

What did Queen Latifah’s appearance at gay pride festival mean?
23 May 2012 Print This Article

When it was announced that Queen Latifah would be a headliner at last weekend’s Long Beach pride festival in Southern California, there was immediate speculation that the Oscar-nominated actress might be making some kind of announcement.

‘I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time,’ she said to the crowd before performing some of her early hip-hop hits during a short set on Sunday (20 May).

But Latifah did not make any headline-grabbing remarks that might shed any definitive light onto her often-speculated about sexuality.

Instead, attendees were left to try and read between the lines of Latifah’s first pride performance of any kind.

The website Eurweb reports that the Grammy winner at one point referred to the LGBT crowd as ‘her people.’ She also asked the audience, ‘Are you feeling all the unity?’

The star has steadfastly declined to discuss her personal life in interviews. It remains to be seen whether she will do so in the future.

Latifah, whose films include Chicago, Living Out Loud and Hairspray, next stars in a television remake of Steel Magnolias.



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