What have 93% of young straight UK men done together in bed?

Nearly every single straight guy interviewed said they had no problem 'cuddling' another male

What have 93% of young straight UK men done together in bed?
29 April 2014 Print This Article

Over nine in 10 straight young British men have spooned with another man, new research has revealed.

Not only that, but a full 98% have shared a bed with one of their guy friends.

Two British sociologists, Eric Anderson of the University of Winchester and Mark McCormack of Durham University, have examined what they call ‘homosociality’ and published their findings in journal Men and Masculinities.

They believe as straight guys become less homophobic, they are happier to be more intimate with their friends.

‘We’re always cuddling, my lot,’ Jarrett, one of the young men who was interviewed, said.

‘We’re all comfortable with each other.’

Max, another survey participant, described how he and his friends would nurse their hangovers together at university.

Following a night out, he said he’s happy to watch TV, play video games, and frequently cuddle with friends.

‘If your mate has a headache you can like massage his head, or you just lie there together holding each other and laughing about how awful you feel,’ he said.

39 out of the 40 students surveyed also said they’d slept in a bed with another guy at least once since starting college.

Some cited practical reasons like accommodating a friend who’d come to visit a cramped dorm or crashing at a friend’s house after a night out, but others said they just wanted to feel close to their ‘mates.’

‘Most indicated that it was not necessary to be close friends to share a bed with someone,’ the researchers said.

‘These men are able to share beds with other men without risking their socially perceived heterosexual identity.’

Anderson and McCormack said while they were aware the sample size was small, they were hoping to extend the research to other universities and age groups in order to get a wider view of what straight guys get up to in bed.



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