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When he was young, actor Seth Rogen once masturbated to a RuPaul photo

Seth Rogen uses Twitter to explain his erotic connection to RuPaul
Actor Seth Rogen

How can anyone not love actor Seth Rogen? He has a crush on Zac Efron (good taste).

In addition, he locked lips with James Franco in a spoof of Kanye West's video Bound 2, which features a sometimes topless Kim Kardashisan.

Be prepared to add another reason why everyone wants Rogen as a best friend. RuPaul included This Is The End on her list of top 2013 movies.

Rogen went to Twitter to offer thanks for the listing, then included the special connection he has with the Super Model.

'When I was 15, I accidentally jacked off to a picture of you thinking you were a girl,' Rogen wrote, according to Huffington Post.

We all have inappropriate masturbation stories, and RuPaul shared hers.

'So did I, but to Martina Navratilova,' Ru wrote back.

GSN adores everything about this. Rogen, Ru, and tales of self-loving. Can they turn this into a movie?

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