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Why Dick Cheney did not attend daughter Mary's gay wedding

'She wanted to avoid having it be a media circus or having it become part of the political debate'

Former US Vice President Dick Cheney has revealed that he was not at the wedding of their lesbian daughter on June 22.

Mary Cheney married longtime partner Heather Poe in Washington DC on the 20th anniversary of their first date then shared the news on Facebook.

Her father, in an interview with ABC News posted online Monday (30 July), explained why he and his wife, Lynn, were not in attendance after he was asked how the wedding was.

'I’m sure it was fine,' Cheney said. 'We wished them well.  She wanted to avoid having it be a media circus or having it become part of the political debate. And so Lynn and I were very proud and happy and congratulated them.  They’ve been an important part of the family for a long time.  Provided us with two of our seven grandkids.'

The couple live in Virginia and are the parents of a 5-year-old son named Samuel and a 2-year-old daughter named Sarah.

Cheney was asked if Barack Obama deserved some credit for becoming the first sitting US president to come out in favor of gay marriage.

'You know, that’s up to him,' he said. 'I made my statement on that subject 12 years ago. ...  I’ve addressed it and moved on.'

Cheney did not officially endorsed same-sex marriage until 2009. Five years earlier, the Bush-Cheney administration supported the Federal Marriage Amendment, a proposed amendment to the US Constitution that would limit marriage to heterosexual couples and also ban civil unions and domestic partnership benefits.

Cheney was also asked if the issue would even be relevant in 20 or 30 years.

'I don’t know that it’s relevant now,' he said. 'There are a lot of big issues. And I’m sure that’s a big issue for some people obviously.  But I don’t think the election’s gonna turn on that issue.'

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