Why everyone is talking about gay superhero Northstar

X-Men character's sexuality beats Hulk and Spider-Man to become one of most discussed topics among Marvel comic fans

Why everyone is talking about gay superhero Northstar
13 August 2012

Gay superhero Northstar has fought off the Hulk, Spider-Man and Captain America to become Marvel’s most talked about character on social networks in the US.

The X-Men hero who broke new ground by being the first comic book character to marry a person of the same sex was one of the hottest topics being discussed among fans on the internet last month.

But it wasn’t the mutant’s super speed and flight which everyone was talking about, the data collected by Networked Insights from 10 June to 10 July showed.

The majority (76%) were discussing Northstar’s sexuality and 44% were debating whether they liked the storyline which saw the character marry Kyle.

Most fans were also found to be discussing the new Ant-Man movie, the possible inclusion of villain Thanos in the upcoming Avengers sequel and new that intergalactic hero Star Lord may feature in a film adaptation of comic Guardians of the Galaxy.

Northstar wed his boyfriend in June’s issue of the Astonishing X-Men.

He is a former mutant member of Alpha Flight and was the first character in the X-Men franchise to ever come out as gay. Northstar gains superhuman powers through his mutation and he uses them for the betterment of society.

His sexuality was not focused on in the rest of the Alpha Flight series. It wasn’t until Northstar joined X-Men as a regular in 2002. His relationship with Kyle, a sports manager at his company, was revealed in 2009.



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