Why Fashion East is be the place to be

Fashion East, a non-profit initiative that supports emerging designers, will offer two events during London's men's fashion week next month 

Why Fashion East is be the place to be
27 December 2012

Next month’s men’s-only fashion week, London Collections: MEN, promises an intimate look into what’s de rigueur in menswear.

A dedicated focus on whomen are wearing today also shines the lights on howmen are wearing their favorite designers.

Fashion East, a non-profit that supports emerging designers through their early careers, is putting on two events next month to showcase both established and emerging designers.

First comes the MAN show, a menswear show in collaboration with Topman where three of the initative’s best designers will show their collections in what is becoming one of the season’s most highly-anticipated events.

The London-based company will also be putting on Fashion East Menswear Installations, a static presentation of live models and multimedia to showcase 10 up-and-coming designers.

Lulu Kennedy, nicknamed Fashion’s Fairy Godmother, launched Fashion East in 2000 to support designers and their businesses with everything from pr guidance to catwalk presentations.

The Fashion East Menswear Installations will be held at the Georgian townhouse in St James’ Square near Buckingham palace on Tuesday 8 January, and MAN will take place Monday 7 January.

This year’s designers for the Fashion East Menswear Installations include :

BOBBY ABLEY – the designer who formerly worked for Alexander McQueen and Jeremy Scott has trademarked a Bobby Abley bear through cartoon-inspired prints, accessories and headgear.

JOSEPH TURVEY – his signature feature includes portraits of men’s faces on shirts and jackets made from mesh with a bright yet simple use of color.

KIT NEALE – on the upcoming collection: ‘The great British pub and working men’s clubs and the cultures they have spawned was the starting point’.

MAARTEN VAN DER HORST – will combine ‘submission and power dressing’ into AW13 collection, drawing from his signature ‘lo-fit, blissed-out, D-I-Y glamour’.

MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF – the French/English dynamic design duo used an ethereal aesthetic in their last men’s collection, showing floral tops and striped sagging trousers off-set to neon sneakers.

NASIR MAZHAR – repackages streetwear with paneled sweat suits, torso-bearing tops and an oversized pink velour short/jumper combo.

and the MAN show will feature:

ASTRID ANDERSEN – recreates traditional sportswear through luxury details including neon colors, sporty silhouettes and flesh-baring cuts.

AGI & SAM – the design duo who met while working at Alexander McQueen now head a menswear brand with an emphasis on humour and bespoke print.

For more photos and information visit the Fashion East website.  



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