Why it is not haram for a Muslim to be your Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day yesterday saw an outpouring of claims amid some British Muslims that Valentine’s Day went against Islam. But this is false, says Omar Kuddus

Why it is not haram for a Muslim to be your Valentine’s
15 February 2013

I find it disturbing that several Islamic groups attacked Valentine’s Day yesterday as ‘haram’ (forbidden) by Islam. This is entirely false.

Valentine’s Day is described by Wikipedia as: ‘The day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards.’

Having asked why it is against Islam, I have realized it is not.

Facebook groups are publishing photographs under such titles as: ‘Say No to Valentine’s Day! We Muslims It’s Not Our Tradition!’

Women Rights In Islam have a poster saying ‘Celebrating Valentine’s is haram for Muslims, And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you away from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying… (Al-An’am 5.116).’ The quote from the Koran is taken totally out of context and does not refer to Valentine’s Day.

Other pictures carry the caption ‘It is not permissible for Muslims to celebrate Valentine’s Day which has a pagan origin’.

And social media posts by them also claim ‘Unfortunately, many Muslim sisters are preparing for “Valentine’s day” instead of preparing for “Judgment day” their love for their boyfriend is stronger than their love for their Lord. Their hearts are attached to the creatures instead of their Creator. Please dear sisters, say no to Valentine’s Day and advise others to not celebrate it either!’

Questions put to them such as ‘It may not be what you like but its not haram. Show me where in the Koran it says “no celebrating Valentine’s Day”’ have gone unanswered.

Naturally Islamophobic groups like The Truth About Islam have jumped upon these postings and posted their own picture asking, ‘Muslims: Is there anything they don’t hate?’

And for the Muslims who are pushing this nonsense, I find it amazing they then wonder why people do not consider Islam is a religion of love and peace.

It seems like some Muslims will believe anything they hear and say ‘amen’ like it is gospel even though the information is totally wrong. It is high time that the moronic sheiks making these fatwas based on incorrect information are made to justify their actions and held accountable and exposed for their errors, publicly.

On a liberal Islamic Facebook group (that is LGBT friendly) someone responded to my comments: ‘This is more disturbing. It is shared by women in Islam. The information these idiots provide to say why Valentine’s Day is supposedly haram is completely historically inaccurate.’

This was in reference to Women In Islam’s claim that ‘Valentine’s Day: Do you know what is it? Saint Valentine had loved a young girl and had sex with her before married (Zina) and that’s why UK government had hanged him on that day, 14 February.

‘Since then the non-believer used to celebrate that day! But the most sad and shameful thing is that today Muslims also celebrate that illegal sex day (Zina day). We are Muslims and we will never celebrate this day again Insha’Allah!’

By contrast on Islamic groups on Facebook like Imaan (Muslim LGBTQ Support), British Muslims for Secular Democracy and Muslims for Progressive Values to mention a few, the Valentine messages are in abundance. Liberal Muslims like me can not see why it is forbidden or how our religion of peace and love could forbid us showing our affection to the person we love, even if they may they be of the same sex.

As pointed out, the information these fanatics provide to say why Valentine’s Day is supposedly haram is not only completely historically inaccurate but has no foundation in Islam.

It is messages and teachings like this that misguide and mislead British Muslims. And the eventual result are incidents like those reported by GSN of a Muslim Patrol harassing men for looking ‘gay’ in London.

No wonder I need to explain why Muslims should embrace same-sex marriage. But if there is any doubt next year, remember there is no evidence why Islam prohibits us from celebrating Valentine’s Day.



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