Why one US gay couple got married eight times

George Takei to narrate Married and Counting documentary charting the couple who married in every US state they could

Why one US gay couple got married eight times
26 April 2012

Today is the 26th anniversary of Stephen Mosher and Pat Dwyer.

And to celebrate their 25th anniversary last year, the couple decided to get married in every state in the US that allowed it.

Their footage of the nuptual roadtrip is being turned into a documentary titled Married and Counting. And American gay actor George Takei has signed on as the film's narrator.

The first public screening of the work in progress will be shown 27 April for the Appalachian State University's 12th annual film queer series. The preview coincides with a growing debate of North Carolina's Amendment One, a measure that will not only define marriage as between a man and a woman but would also ban civil unions and domestic partnerships. 

A representative from NC Equality will be present at the screening to discuss the film and its implications on Amendment One.

Mosher said: 'It made me cry when I read about Amendment One… because it is one more example of the bigotry, of the hatred that people insist on manifesting – but also because it is one more example of peoples' desire and willingness to stand up for themselves.'

Married and Counting follows the grooms through their ups and downs as they travel to Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa and Massachusetts to get married. The couple also had a commitment ceremony in California, where the legal status of same-sex marriage is still in flux.

The last leg of their wedding tour ended in Washington DC the day of their 25th anniversary, where friends and family saw the couple exchange vows on the steps of the Supreme Court. The couple also married in New York in July 2011 when the state legalized same-sex marriage under the Marriage Equality Act.

For more information on the film's release date, check out the Married and Counting website. See a trailer for the film here:



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