Will gay marriage be stopped in North Carolina?

Recent polling points to a defeat for gay marriage in North Carolina

Will gay marriage be stopped in North Carolina?
05 May 2012

If the numbers hold up, anti-gay marriage advocates will continue their near perfect record when it comes to the voting booth.

On Tuesday, North Carolina citizens will have an opportunity to decide on Amendment One. If passed, the legislation will ban the state from recognizing civil unions, strip away domestic partner benefits and could eliminate legal protections for all unmarried couples.

As reported by Public Policy Polling, 55 percent intend to vote yes  next Tuesday (8 May). Only 41 percent are opposed.

The pollsters argue that one of the reasons why the numbers are so lopsided is because voters do not understand how far reaching the legislation is. More than half, 55 percent, of Tarheel voters support some type of  legal recognition of gay relationships — from civil unions to marriage.

‘When we informed poll respondents the amendment banned both gay marriage and civil unions and then asked how they would vote, only 38 percent continued to support it with 46 percent opposed,’ the polling organization wrote.

The poll makes two important points. Amendment One is losing support with African-American voters, 53 percent for and 43 against, ‘suggesting that the efforts of the NAACP and other black leaders have had some impact in eroding support for it.’

If the amendment passes, it will be due to strong Republican opposition and minimal Democratic pushback. A large majority of the GOP, 76 percent, support the bill. A healthy minority, 42 percent, of Democrats will vote yes. Politcal independents are more evenly split, 48 to 46 in favor.



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