Will marriage be on the ballot in Ohio?

Same-sex marriage advocates working hard to get votes to change Ohio's constitution

Will marriage be on the ballot in Ohio?
04 March 2012

Last week the Freedom to Marry Coalition filed a proposed amendment to change Ohio's Constitution.

The initiative would permit same sex marriages. In 2004, Buckeye State voters approved a ban on gay unions.

If  state Attorney General Mike DeWine accepts the proposal, it will be put to voters either this fall or next year.

As reported by the Columbus-Dispatch, Tim Hagan, former Cuyahoga County commissioner, Democratic candidate for governor in 2002 and co-chairman of the campaign, called the proposal 'the most-significant civil-rights act since 1964. I don’t know how one human being can look at another human being and say, "You don’t have the same rights."'

The submission says that marriage is 'a union of two consenting adults, regardless of gender.'  It adds 'no religious institution shall be required to perform or recognize a marriage.'

Phil Burress, of the Citizens for Community Values, promises anti-gay marriage advocates are ready to do what's required to keep the ban in place. He also warned that putting the amendment change on the 2012 ballot would make life difficult for the reelection of President Barack Obama. Ohio is an important battleground state for the 2012 presidential election.

'I guess they’re feeling their oats because seven states have same-sex marriage,' Burress said.  'They’re going to have their hands full. We’re prepared to meet them on the field of battle.'



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