Will Young’s gay shame left him addicted to porn

British singer Will Young felt shame over his sexuality, leading him to become depressed, single and addicted to porn

Will Young’s gay shame left him addicted to porn
08 October 2012

British pop star Will Young has said his hidden shame about being gay made him depressed, single and addicted to porn.

He made his comments to British newspaper Metro.

Openly gay Young, began 2011 on a high as his latest album took the number one spot, but since then it has been a downward spiral of misery.

‘It got to the stage last year where I though I was on top of work, that everything would be all right,’ he said.

‘But something was going wrong. What I realised is that growing up knowing I was gay from a young age, I always felt extremely ashamed. It’s a cliché but it’s true.

‘I’ve only just realised how shit that’s made me feel about myself for a very, very long time.’

The 33-year-old who shot to fame after he won ITV’s singing competition, Pop Idol back in 2002, has had a run of bad relationships over the past five years causing him to be single at the moment.

‘It doesn’t even help when you have loads of money,’ Young added.

‘I’d buy houses and get nothing from it. Bought cars, got nothing from it. I’ve gone out and spent £5,000 in Selfridges and nothing. I don’t even wear the stuff.’

‘All those things I thought would bring me happiness don’t.

‘It never moved into sex addiction. For me, it was love addiction and fantasy. I was probably addicted to porn.’

He added he now had an internet browser that blocked porn.



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