Win: Decoration where the sky’s the limit

'Like' on our Facebook page or retweet this story, and you can win a silver birch and 25 swallow stickers thanks to The Binary Box

Win: Decoration where the sky’s the limit
14 June 2012

You could win a silver birch and 25 swallow stickers to decorate your home in the latest Gay Star News competition.

If you are hopeless like us at D.I.Y, these decorations are perfect if you lack the skills to breathe new life into your living space.

Produced by The Binary Box, these stencil stickers create a vibrant ambience in any room and best of all they are priced at £24.99 ($34.75, €30.88).

There is a huge range, and can be easily applied and removed from any wall in minutes. Each swallow measures on average 16cm x 16cm.

They are made using a precision cut from a high grade low-tac self adhesive vinyl, and can be made in the color and direction of your choice.

All you have to do is ‘like’ this story on our Facebook page, or retweet this story on Twitter, and you could win.

We will pick the lucky winner out of a hat tomorrow at 4pm (15 June).

Check out more of The Binary Box’s range here.



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