Woman brutally beaten by girlfriend’s disapproving brother on Thanksgiving Day

Mallory Owens is recovering in Alabama hospital, the brother arrested

Woman brutally beaten by girlfriend’s disapproving brother on Thanksgiving Day
26 November 2012

A young woman was beaten so badly in Alabama on Thanksgiving Day (22 November), allegedly by her girlfriend’s brother, that she will require reconstructive surgery on her face.

Mallory Owens, 23, is being treated at USA Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama, for injuries to her face.

‘Mallory had experienced a brain bleed, reconstructive facial surgeries, (metal plates due to crushed cheek bones), and skull fractures!’a woman named Sonia Mason posted on her Facebook page along with several photos of a badly-injured Owens.

‘This at best was an attempted murder!’ Mason wrote. ‘Mallory deserves justice for the horrific attack & by the Grace of God her long road to recover! It is reported that the accused attackers family stood by, did not intervene, and have threatened the victim family!’

It is not clear what Mason’s relationship to the victim is.

The brother, Travis Hawkins, Jr., turned himself in to police on Sunday (25 November). He faces second-degree assault charges.

The family of Owens wants him to be charged with attempted murder and a hate crime, according to WKRJ-TV. They are upset that he was released on bail the same day as he turned himself in.

A Justice Today-For Mallory page has been established on Facebook.



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