Woman in sham marriage with gay hairdresser jailed

Vera Jadoonanan schemed in order to stay in UK beyond two year student visa

Woman in sham marriage with gay hairdresser jailed
26 December 2011 Print This Article

Vera Jadoonanan spent Christmas in a British jail after being found guilty of being in a sham marriage with her gay hairdresser who she had paid to become her husband.

Jadoonanan, a native of Trinidad, had been in the United Kingdom on a two-year student visa but wanted to stay in the country indefinitely.

Authorities said she married the hairdresser in 2006 and agreed to pay him £10,000 (about $5,000).

The scheme unraveled last year when the husband went to police after Jadoonanan applied for citizen as the wife of a British national and tried to blackmail him into cooperating with the process.

She said if he did not support her application, she would tell police that he had assaulted her.

Jadoonanan was sentenced earlier this month to 18 months in jail by Lewes Crown Courton after being found guilty on one count of obtaining leave to remain in the UK by deception.

Phil Graysmark, who led the UK Border Agency’s Sussex Criminal and Financial Investigation team investigation, told the Eastbourne Herald the government is cracking down on sham marriages. He said this case should serve as a warning that there are high penalties involved for those who are caught.

'This case shows the desperate nature of immigration crime with large sums of money changing hands and people being prepared to enter into a full marriage with someone they barely know simply to cheat the immigration system,' he said.



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