Women’s-only Manchester LadyRock festival axed

A tough economy stops North West England's LadyRock festival, due to be headlined by KT Tunstall, in its tracks

Women’s-only Manchester LadyRock festival axed
03 May 2012

The LadyRock women’s festival scheduled for 26 May in Manchester, North West England has been cancelled.

Scottish pop singer KT Tunstall had been confirmed to headline the festival, along with radio favourites Young Pony Club and Ronika.

LadyRock was poised to be the first event of its kind in the region. The women’s-only event hoped to bring the best female talent to the stage, from top performers to up-and-coming talent.

Jackie Crozier, founder and director of the event, said: ‘Sadly we have joined a number of other events and festivals across the country which have been hit by the current financial climate.’

Crozier was the festival director of Manchester Pride, one of the biggest LGBT events in Britain, from 2008 to 2012.



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