World unites to send Putin Valentine’s Day gay kiss

Protests are being held around the world today to prove love can conquer hatred and fear

World unites to send Putin Valentine’s Day gay kiss
14 February 2014

Russian president Vladimir Putin is being sent Valentine’s Day gay kiss protests from around the world today (14 February).

In cities around the world, gay rights activists are gathering today to show love can conquer hatred and fear.

From midday in London near the Russian Embassy, there will be a LGBT carnival with samba music and drag artists.

Some will also be wearing mocking the Russian president by wearing Putin masks.

To promote the event, they sent out an image of Putin kissing Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Peter Tatchell, organizing the protest alongside Lush, All Out, London Roller Girls, described the protest as the perfect way of keeping up pressure on the Russian government and show support for LGBT Russians.

‘We don’t want Putin to think that now the Olympics have started the protests are over,’ he said.

‘Let’s keep highlighting the terrible things happening in Russia and support the heroic Russian activists – gay and straight – who are defending human rights. Freedom of expression for all.’

And across the world earlier today in Beijing, a group of gay activists held a slightly more minimal protest.

They held up banners with a rainbow flag, the Olympic symbol and the words ‘To Russia With Love’ as they kissed.

‘We feel more positive today as it is Valentine’s Day and we have the opportunity to relay the message that everybody has the right to love and the right to campaign,’ activist Xiao Tie told AFP.

It is estimated around that over 100 people have been arrested in Russia since the beginning of the Sochi Olympic Games.



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