Wrestler ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin says people should be able to marry whoever they love

The man dubbed the most bankable wrestler in the history of professional wrestling says that anyone who is in love should be allowed to marry and that he’s ‘absolutely for same-sex marriage’

Wrestler ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin says people should be able to marry whoever they love
23 April 2014

90’s World Wrestling Federation pro-star ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has backed efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in the United States, questioning who gave churches the right to decide who is allowed to marry or not.

‘There has been a lot of f***ing stuff in the news lately about same-sex marriage – everybody’s going crazy about this and some of the churches say “oh no can do, you can’t do that,”’ the man nicknamed the Texas Rattlesnake said in a recent profanity-laden podcast.

‘I’m for same-sex marriage. I don’t give a s***t if two guys, two gals, a guy-gay, whatever it is… I believe that any human being in America, any human being in the god-damned world, that wants to be married [should be able to] and if it’s the same-sex more power to them.’

Austin asked how churches could say they knew who should be allowed to marry or not.

‘What also chaffs my ass … is that one of these churches, or some of these churches have the high horse that they get on and say “we as a church do not believe in that,”’ Austin said.

‘Which one of these motherf***ers talked to God and God said same-sex marriage was a no-can-do?’

Austin also attacked the Christian doctrine of forgiveness asking how churches could disapprove of gay people, ‘but then a guy can go murder 14 people, molest five kids, then go to f***ing prison, then accept God and he’s going to let him into heaven after the fact that he did all that s**t?’

‘That’s all horses**t to me, that don’t jive with me … I have some damned good friends who are gay and I’m absolutely for same-sex marriage.’

Austin has been credited as the most profitable wrestler in the history of the World Wresting Federation league and held 21 championships during his professional wrestling career.



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