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X Factor judge Tulisa wants kiss with Nicole Scherzinger

British singer wants to lock lips with the Pussycat Doll, and says she wants to marry Irish judge Louis Walsh
X Factor judge Tulisa wants to lock lips with NIcole Scherzinger.

British singer Tulisa Contostavlos wants a kiss with fellow X Factor UK judge Nicole Scherzinger.

In an interview with Muzu.TV, the ‘Young’ singer said she would lock lips with the Pussycat Doll when asked who she wanted to ‘snog, marry or avoid’ out of her fellow judges.

She said she would marry the 60-year-old Irish judge Louis Walsh and ‘have a celibate relationship’.

The 24-year-old then said she would avoid Take That singer Gary Barlow ‘because he’s married and that’s the right thing to do’.

Previously a member of N Dubz, Contostavlos was named the sexiest woman in the world by men’s magazine FHM in May.

She also shocked fans when a sex tape was released by her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards earliest this year.

After she settled her court case with the rapper in July, she said: ‘I am relieved that this is finally over. It has been a very testing few months and this was not a case I ever wanted to go through.’

‘This time, Justin messed with the wrong woman,’ she said.

Contostavlos also teased her new single Live It Up, featuring the rapper Tyga.

Check out the video here:

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