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X Factor lesbian contestant Lucy Spraggan ‘too ill’ to perform

Lesbian singer-songwriter will not perform on this weekend's Halloween special and gets a free pass to next week
Lucy Spraggan will not perform on this weekend's X Factor Halloween special.

X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan will not take part in this week’s X Factor live shows (27/28 October).

The lesbian singer-songwriter fell ill earlier this week and producers made the decision to give her a free pass to next week’s show today.

On Twitter, the official X Factor account said: ‘NEWS: @lspraggan is just too unwell to perform on tonight’s #xfactor. Lucy will proceed to next weekend’s show as happened with [Diana Vickers].’

Vickers was also allowed to go through to the sixth week of the 2008 series of the British singing competition after suffering with laryngitis.

Spraggan, who is reportedly suffering from ‘severe flu’, was last seen in public for fellow gay contestant Rylan Clark’s Halloween celebrations on Wednesday (24 October).

Clark, who is staying in a hotel with Spraggan, took to his Twitter account earlier today and said: ‘Fuck I’m ill.’

As of yet, no announcement had been made about whether Clark will be able to compete in tonight’s live show, where contestants will sing Halloween-themed songs.

Check out Spraggan performing a mash-up of David Guetta and Sia’s Titanium and her own song from last week here:

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