X Factor lesbian Jade admits crush on Nicole Scherzinger

UK X Factor contestant Jade Ellis has admitted she is so mesmerised by judge Nicole Scherzinger that she can't concentrate

X Factor lesbian Jade admits crush on Nicole Scherzinger
26 October 2012

UK X Factor contestant Jade Ellis admits she has a massive crush on judge Nicole Scherzinger.

Despite living with her long-term girlfriend, the 25-year-old singer says she has the hots for the sexy Pussycat Dolls star and even finds it hard to concentrate when she gives her feedback during the live shows.

‘I have a crush on Nicole, it’s terrible,’ she said, Unreality TV reported.

She added: ‘I hardly ever remember anything she says to me because I am just staring at her and thinking "You are so beautiful".’

It’s not the first woman on the show which Ellis has been rumored to have a crush on.

In an interview with new! magazine Ellis revealed that she had a soft spot for bisexual Charlie Rundle from rival finalist group MK1, who were booted off the contest last week.

However, she later denied the rumor.

Ellis has been tipped as the ‘dark horse’ of the competition by judge Gary Barlow and will perform again in the contest’s fourth round of live shows on Saturday (27 October) with flamboyant gay act Rylan Clark and fellow lesbian performer Lucy Spraggan.



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