X-Men is about gay rights, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart say

British actors and best friends say the films are a clear metaphor for the gay rights movement

X-Men is about gay rights, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart say
25 February 2014

The X-Men series is about the gay rights movement, according to stars Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

The esteemed British actors and best friends, who play enemies Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier in the movie franchise, say the persecution of ‘mutants’ in the film reflects the struggles of the LGBT community.

‘Mutants are like gays, they’re cast out by society for not good reason,’ McKellen said.

‘They, as in all civil rights movements, have to decide: Are they going to take the Xavier line, which is to somehow assimilate and stand up for yourself and be proud of what you are but get on with everybody, or are you going to take the alternative view, which is, if necessary, use violence to stand up for your own rights.’

Adding to Buzzfeed, he said: ‘And that’s true. I’ve come across that division within the gay rights movement.’

Comparing the X-Men films to the gay rights movement is not a new thing, with obvious clues in the movies that are often taken as isolated jokes.

In X2, Iceman ‘comes out’ to his parents and they ask him: ‘Have you tried not being a mutant?’

And in X-Men: First Class, Beast is in a similar situation and says ‘You didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell.’

Check out Iceman ‘coming out’ below:



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