Yachts and Things, an unpublished work by author Truman Capote, surfaces

Thought to be part of Capote's final unfinished novel

Yachts and Things, an unpublished work by author Truman Capote, surfaces
01 November 2012

Three years after Truman Capote died in 1984, his famously unfinished novel Answered Prayers was published.

But apparently not all of it.

The December issue of Vanity Fair features an unpublished six-page story by Capote titled Yachts and Things. It’s about two friends aboard a friend’s chartered yacht for a three-week Mediterranean cruise.

The story’s protagonist is thought to be a fictionalized version of Capote’s friend, the late Katharine Graham who was publisher of the Washington Post.

The story was found among Capote’s papers kept in the Manuscripts and Archives Division of the New York Public Library.

According to The New York Times, Yachts and Things was thought to be one of the titles of the chapters of Answered Prayers although the story being published is self-contained.

Capote had talked for years about finishing Answered Prayers which, although a work of fiction, was widely thought to be based on Capote’s social circle which included the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Gloria Vanderbilt.

Two excerpts from the work were published in Esquire magazine n the 1970s and caused Capote’s social standing to plumet before he died in 1984 at the age of 59.



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