Yenta – the Jewish answer to Grindr

Forget your Jewish mother giving you a guilt complex about a kosher match - Yenta, an iPhone app is here to help

Yenta – the Jewish answer to Grindr
24 October 2012

If you are fed up hearing your Jewish mother and grandparents kvetching that you’ve got to find already a Jewish prince or princess, despair no more – Yenta is here to help.

Yenta, meaning matchmaker in Yiddish, is the Jewish answer to Grindr, it’s a new dating app available on the iPhone that uses GPS to match Jewish singles, straight or gay.

Now you can sing along to fiddler on the roof: ‘Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, catch me a catch’ and in seconds you may find your ‘Jewboo’, a term used by the application for a match.

The app so easy to use that even your Jewish grandmother could join without giving you a guilt complex.

Download it (already!) from iTunes here.

In contrast to tons of questions posed Grindr, Scruff, Growlr and the like (oy vei), Jenta only asks three questions: ‘What’s your shtick?’, ‘What will impress my mother?’, and to pick a position on a sliding scale of how Jewish you really are.

It might as well just have asked ‘what’s your favourite bagel?’

Once you’re done get ready for your Jewboo, he or she might be around the corner, just let Yenta do its spiel (magic in Yiddish) and come up with the nearest matches to you.

Creator Luba Tolkachyov told the New York Post: ‘You can walk into a coffee shop and you can find out who’s Jewish and single around you’.

So get started and the rest is mazal tov…

Oh, and by the way, don’t worry bubaleh, it’s a free app.



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