Zach Wahls talks about his book ‘My Two Moms’

Iowan Zach Wahls makes the case for gay equality with his new book

Zach Wahls talks about his book ‘My Two Moms’
29 April 2012

Only a crank, or Rick Santorum, would say anything negative about Zach Wahls.

Ever since his pitch perfect defense of his two lesbian mothers went viral, the engineering student has turned his internet fame into a platform for LGBT equality. He's appeared on various TV programs, recently including The Late Show with David Letterman, and last month spoke  at the GLAAD Awards.

Wahls' new book,  'My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength and What Makes a Family,' was published last week. He was interviewed by the website AfterElton the day before the autobiography hit book stores. As expected, the college student was his standard superlative self. However, he did offer an opinion  that stands out, especially for children raised in LGBT households.

'I'm part of the LGBT community, too," Wahls said. 'I was born into it. I think you'll find the same feeling with other children of gay parents.'

Despite this, he profoundly understands how straight people publicly supporting LGBT inclusion makes it hard for gay equality to be dismissed.

'Straight allies completely devastate the notion that in order to support LGBT rights you have to "choose" to be LGBT yourself. Of course we know that's not how it works, but if someone isn't sure one way or the other, and is conflicted about the issue of homosexuality or gender identification, seeing allies stand up is incredibly important.'

While he's not comfortable being a spokesperson, he takes to the role with aplomb. Mainly because he's looking to talk to those in the 'moveable middle,' not those convinced gays are a threat to American security.

'If you really do believe homosexuality is a greater threat to our country than terrorism, you should probably put the book down,' he writes.

But here is what makes Wahls so impressive. He sees no reason why his upbringing should preclude him, or any child, from mainstream American life. Talking about his mothers, without knowing them, will always make him stand up.

'As long as the other side insists on politicizing my moms and our family, I'm definitely going to be a part of the conversation and offer up my own testimony.'



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