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Zachary Quinto thinks Star Trek sequel will be even more epic than original

'It [is] bolder, I think, than the first one, and that was pretty big and bold'

Zachary Quinto will be seen on movie screens again next spring as pointy eared Mr. Spock in the next Star Trek film.

The actor, who came out publicly as a gay man last year, first starred opposite Chris Pine on the Starship Enterprise in 2009 and the result was a worldwide hit that grossed $385.7 million worldwide.

He has finished filming his part in the sequel and he expects it to surpass the first installment.

'It was bigger,' Quinto tells The Wrap. 'It was bolder, I think, than the first one, and that was pretty big and bold from my stand point.'

'I’m really excited to see what they do with it,' he adds. 'I feel like, you know, my work is done on the movie right now and until we have to go and promote it, then my work remains done and I let (director) J.J. (Abrams) and his incredible team of people get in there and do the work that they need to do now.'

Quinto's career has skyrocketed since the first Star Trek film. He starred in the off-Broadway production of Tony Kushner's Angels in America, appeared in and produced the independent film Margin Call and began a recurring role in the acclaimed television series American Horror Story.

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