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Ireland, we love you – vote yes!

Ireland, we love you – vote yes!

Because there's more to Blighty than London, Manchester and Brighton!

Because there's more to Blighty than London, Manchester and Brighton!

Written by John Browne, The Glass Closet explains why coming out is good for business - for both employees and their employers

Amnesty International say Northern Ireland is the 'last bastion of discrimination' and its laws are a 'badge of shame'

'Referendums are held in this country where there's a proposal to change the constitution'

British Labour leadership hopeful Liz Kendall MP writes that she will take the LGBTI message global as she welcomes Irish same-sex marriage

Developers behind Japanese RPG want to see more LGBTI involvement in digital media

Manitoba becomes first Canadian province to ban conversion therapy

A special mention was given to ‘The Lobster’, an eccentric fable starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz about lovers who risk being turned into animals if they fail to find a partner

But has Måns Zelmerlöw, the contestant from Sweden who won with a performance Heroes, had a change of heart since his controversial remarks?

The Tea Party favorite is against marriage equality, lumped LGBTI people with people who have sex with animals, and is concerned Christians can no longer practice their faith

In New Orleans, we believe religious liberty and freedoms should be protected and discrimination prohibited, and we have passed our own laws to reflect that principle'

'If that's not Jesus giving the "Yes" vote then I don't know what is!’

Dublin North West confirms YES reached 70.4% of total votes 

See pictures from one of the first Prides of the year

See pictures from one of the first Prides of the year

'we offer our congratulations to the YES side on a hard won victory. This is their day, and they should enjoy it.’

Europe and Australia battle it at the biggest Eurovision Song Contest in history

Supporters of equality turned out in their hundreds of thousands

About 20 men disrupted an IDAHOT event last week shouting threats over the fence before breaking the lock on the gate and breaking through a door to enter the cafe

 Shoreline Church had tried to relegate ceremony to a side chapel

Franklin Graham blasts Robert Gates for wanting to end organization's ban on gay adults

Also jokes, deadpan, that he was drag queen in high school, 'experimented with ass play,' and was male prostitute

Duggar was head of lobbying arm of anti-gay Family Research Council

He has two year deal with The Montreal Alouettes who cite Sam's 'dignity, character, and heart'

Seattle's openly gay mayor said the city has 'no place for bigotry or harassment'