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Frontwoman for the New York glam band has spoken out about her childhood and the stigma of HIV in the 1980s 

Frontwoman for the New York glam band has spoken out about her childhood and the stigma of HIV in the 1980s 

A group describing themselves as 'The Watchmen', mostly made-up of anti-gay university students, will have their 500km walk to the capital come to a halt

What exactly is happening in Thailand and Vietnam on law reform to recognize gay and lesbian relationships? Doug Sanders reports from Bangkok and Hanoi

The British gay actor will star in Jonathan Groff San Francisco gay series, described as 'Queer as Folk' meets 'Girls'

Heterosexual sex, not gay sex is the largest transmitter of HIV in China according to government health officials

New Zealand Defense Force LGBT support network OverWatch has taken out the top prizes in the 2013 ANZ and Equal Employment Opportunities Trust Diversity Awards

Australian department store chain Target has stood up against complaints of its use of UK reality TV star Gok Wan as its brand ambassador after he called women’s breasts ‘bangers’ on TV

The Prime Minister of the Caribbean nation that turned a gay cruise away in 2005 has called for greater tolerance for homosexuals in order to combat the spread of HIV

In a rant against everything, conservative talk show host Stan Solomon promises to send columnist Dan Savage a fire hydrant for his birthday

Gay sterotypes take center stage in New Jersey senate race

Writes in tweet: 'San Antonio should not allows Same sex marriages'

First state in US to outlaw mental health practitioners from carrying out so-called conversion therapy

Direct result of Supreme Court striking down key provision of DOMA

A writer from Russia is planning a bike ride to Croatia to spread his message of gay love

New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup is campaigning for help to enter the controversial Games to be held in Russia

A fifth man believed to be gay has been murdered by the militant Islamist organization

Former number four in the world says Russia should 'appreciate LGBT people are valued members of society'

Attorneys from the Department of Health are working to make the 150+ marriage licenses handed out void 

'It might remind you that you are not alone, brothers and sisters your struggle is known'

'Same Love' collaborators address the internet rumors and joke about their relationship

Having your head wrapped in cling film, not washing your hair for 48 hours and then using a special shampoo – is it worth it?

Psychologists agree to be expert witnesses in court to say homosexuality is natural, and so laws against ‘unnatural’ sex acts do not apply

Anglican head Justin Welby has admitted some may view on marriage equality as 'wicked' and has asked Christians to 'repent' for their views

GSN speaks to Kiril, a 17-year-old using social networking to spread the message of what it is like to be gay in Russia

London rally held outside Jamaican High Commission in memory of murdered LGBT teen

The Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) has warned that HIV is spreading out of control among the country’s intravenous drug users and men who have sex with men, with nearly 450 new cases just in July

Australian Opposition leader Tony Abbott has chosen to launch his election education policy at a private Christian school that says homosexuality is a ‘perversion’ and an ‘abomination’ but says he doesn’t share that view