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Hussiyen Adnan fled his homeland after being threatened for being gay

An Omani article suggesting homosexuality is more tolerant than its neighbors was called 'damaging to Oman's reputation'

Alain Delon, once described as France's answer to James Dean, says men are here to 'woo women' not 'pick up guys'

Homophobic anonymous election flyers are being circulated in the electorate of Australian MPs who supports marriage equality, claiming that if they are re-elected same-sex marriage will be taught in kindergartens

Gay communities unite against Putin’s homophobic laws and show support for the Russian LGBT community

Gay YouTube star Tyler Oakley was given a one-on-five interview with One Direction despite declaring himself a stalker of the band

Jerome has joined Bisbee to become only the second town in Arizona to register the relationships of same-sex couples as civil unions as the state’s ban on same-sex marriage remains in place

Jamaican Assistant Police Commissioner Devon Watkis has claimed that LGBTs are no more at risk of being victims of crime than other Jamaicans despite a rash of homophobic attacks in the Caribbean nation

Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners post sign: 'This fight is not over'

Glee star says: 'It’s just money'

Actor has landed plum role of Christian Grey in film version of erotic best selling novel

Is first to swim treacherous 110 miles without a shark cage

Full line-up for the British dancing reality competition show has been revealed

Global margarine company attacked after Unilever South Africa launches an 'edgy' campaign to promote their brand

A subtitling mistake during the coverage of an Irish football match has gone viral on social networking sites

A billboard outside a church in Niagara Falls, Ontario has split opinion after it received thousands of views

ARTPOP star joins the likes of George Takei and Stephen Fry in calling for the Sochi Winter Olympics to be moved

As the run up to the election heats up, the Christian leader of the Labor party tells a pastor exactly why he believes in equality

Global margarine company attacked after Unilever South Africa launches an 'edgy' campaign to promote their brand

Cambridge University has just rewritten their ancient rules on graduation dress. Uni trans rep Sarah Gibson explains why it's a step in the right direction

A 24-year-old was attacked and arrested by his own parents at a solo protest in July

Video montage teases the films selected for the 2013 Iris Prize

The International Olympic Committee has ruled out the possibility of moving the Sochi Olympics out of Russia over its treatment of LGBTs in a letter to Australian Greens leader Christine Milne, saying there’s not enough time left for that to happen

The number of new HIV diagnoses in the Philippines hit an all time record high in July, beating the previous record set just a month earlier in a further sign that the country is losing control of the problem

Anglicans who are opposed to gay people being ordained as clergy will meet in Nairobi in October for a second Global Anglican Future Conference five years after the first in Jerusalem

Former NSYNC singer Lance Bass has taken to Twitter to announce his engagement to boyfriend Michael Turchinart while on a trip to New Orleans

Chris Kluwe thanks the Oakland Raiders for the opportunity and wishes the punter, who beat him out for a spot on the team, best of luck

Scott Lively wants President Vladimir Putin to lead a Russia and US alliance against gays and lesbians

Play opening tonight in London will feature accounts of over 20 LGBT people in the homophobic country