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GSN Travel Editor Jean Paul Zapata celebrated his birthday with a hedonistic weekend soaking in sangria, post-modernist architecture and Barcelona’s nude beach

New experimental figures published by the Office for National Statistics are far lower than the expected figures of 6-10%

Having graced the island of Ibiza two years running, and already planning a 2014 trip, GSN's marketing director Anthony Fortune shares his top tips to enjoy the world’s most famous party island

Having graced the island of Ibiza two years running, and already planning a 2014 trip, GSN's marketing director Anthony Fortune shares his top tips to enjoy the world’s most famous party island

The LGBT community in the former Yugoslav republic of Montenegro has vowed to march again to test the authorities’ resolve to protect them after the country’s first LGBT pride march was violently attacked in July

Kazakhstan lawmaker Bakhytbek Smagul has called for his country’s LGBT community to be driven underground and wants to outlaw same-sex relationships

US Vice President Joe Biden has told the organizers of the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner that he will no longer be able to be its keynote speaker as a result of Republicans in Congress defunding the US Government

Suriname, the only Dutch speaking country in South America, is to hold its third LGBT pride festival in October

Providence College's faculty senate passes a resolution that says, in part, the calling off of John Corvino's lecture on gay marriage 'called into question academic freedom on this campus'

'It became apparent that Pennsylvania cannot continue to be stuck in the past'

Acclaimed LGBT film about love and loss to make world TV premiere on OWN channel

The Daily Show and Conan O'Brien serving up humor as fallout continues

Play is based on the 1998 murder of gay student Matthew Shepard

Scene from 1998 film 54 was left on cutting room floor

With a court due to rule whether the gay sex ban is unconstitutional, experts say the Belize government is paving the way for consensual anal sex to become legal

One of the 20 charged with homosexuality last year attempted to flee Gambia after losing his job and being disowned by his family and move to Senegal

In a new study by Gaydar, they discovered only one in five of their members were out to close colleagues

Meeting a friend who consistently turned up with bruises and wound up in hospital highlighted the problem of violence in gay relationships for Reverend Irene Monroe

General director of the German Olympic Sports Confederation has denied the Sochi Winter Games uniforms are a political statement

Gay Star News takes a look at some of the best gay and lesbian poets from history and today

One preacher attending Beloved to Allah incited Muslim dentists to punish gays by stabbing them in the gums with a ‘big, big needle’

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has used an address to the United Nations General Assembly to slam Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying he is exporting homophobia in an attempt to hold sway over the former Soviet Union

The LGBT community in the Indian state of Gujurat will march 6 October in the city of Surat to call on the Supreme Court to confirm the decriminalization of homosexuality in the South Asian nation

Florida teen Kaitlyn Hunt has agreed to serve 4 months in prison and 2 years of house arrest over her relationship with a 14-year-old girl when she was 18

The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard points a finger at a media that repeated misstatements about the 1998 murder

Lorna Luft: 'I know that my mother would've said that everybody at Stonewall did the right thing: they stood up for themselves'

Other details of actor's accidental overdose death revealed in coroner's report

'It's a much more grounded, real person than the other character I played on Will & Grace'

At 34, Collins is a free agent who still hopes to see action