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The owner of the Healthy Thyme health food shop in Paris, TN was found by police badly bruised with an anti-gay slur written across his forehead

The trans parliamentarian claims she recieved threats from UKIP and journalists threatening to reveal her trans identity

'He's just rock and roll through and through ... he's got it goin' on'

Glee star calls Fox News personality out on transphobic 2012 comment

'I have to worry about some intolerant person ruining the surprise I had planned'

'I was really angry and everything I've done so far is to prove him wrong'

Actress makes surprise appearance at The Legacy Awards in LA to honor Lee Daniels

Is the decline in lesbian bars and clubs because they are falling for clichés and stereotypes, rather than offering great service?

Former Blackburn Rovers player Colin Kazim-Richards is to face magistrates over allegedly making a homophobic gesture at Brighton fans during a Championship match

This ‘may be Sweden's first gay-friendly retirement home, it likely won't be the last’ – says vice chair of organization Lars Mononen

Gay activists have said Putin is just biding his time until after Sochi is over to bring in more homophobic legislation

Anonymous recruit has written a passionate and shocking letter alleging the entrenched homophobia of US Air Force

Joe Rogan, currently a commentator with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has called male opponents of marriage equality ‘weak-ass b#tches’ in slamming people who want to interfere in other people’s lives

Sportswear firm Nike has set up a Political Action Committee fighting fund with seed funding of $280,000 to push for marriage equality in the company’s home state of Oregon

Two members of a gang of young people in Sweden are facing murder charges after allegedly stabbing a gay man to death over less than $800

The Democratic Left party has submitted an amendment to parliament that would extend Greece’s civil unions scheme for opposite-sex couples to same-sex couples after the European Court of Human Rights ruled the country could not discriminate

US president calls bill 'an important step in the right direction'

For the second time in two years, Lady Gaga caps Thanksgiving Day with an appearance on television

Modern Family star says incident has 'brought to attention that that's not to be said'

'There was a huge poster of Johnny in makeup and was like, I’m gay and I’m married to that'

Daughters of former US VP Dick Cheney were already not on speaking terms before their battle became public last week

Tells GSN: 'That would be huge because being such a small film, it would help us reach so many'

30 Rock star has apologized for ‘offensive and unacceptable’ behavior but says he wasn’t aware his slurs were homophobic

Trans murders are ignored and transgender people who speak out are persecuted by Russia’s FSB security service, claims lawyer

30 Rock star has continued his campaign to apologize for what he refers to as 'offensive and unacceptable' behavior

Ready, aim, test: A former soldier turned author and gay celebrity has show courage in the face of a pin-prick test

A complaint was made about Gay.Ru in an effort to shut it down for fear of it 'promoting a gay lifestyle' to children

One of the world's most lucrative and controversial drug trades originated in this sleepy town in northern Thailand

One of the world's most lucrative and controversial drug trades originated in this sleepy town in northern Thailand