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100 Most challenges gay haters in the not-so-socially-liberal international city

The political secretary hopes her appointment would pave the way of equal treatment for trans people

Tammy Lynn Michaels concerned kids will be exposured to topless groupies and marijuana

12 gays and transgender individuals were detained for hours, stripped off and humiliated

They claim state's governor lacked the authority to stop enforcement of ban

They say the Interior Ministry does not have legal or moral grounds to cancel the marriage

Christian activists have cancelled a prayer rally at the final vote on gay marriage in England and Wales as there is no point anymore

Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett, up for reelection next year, now must decide whether or not to step in

Reverend Irene Monroe expresses her pleasure and pain at the US Supreme Court’s rulings in the last week of June

US Justice Department trying to decide new rules for a post-Defense of Marriage Act world

But homosexuality remains officially illegal and there are sometimes police crackdowns

LGBT people in Braga feel they are 'invisible' but are coming out for their first pride on Saturday

US comic Eddie Griffin and lesbian couple throw liquids at each other

GSN reports for duty at the UK’s Ministry of Defence and admires the leadership being shown on workplace diversity

Report finds gay teens face online bullying, but also have greater access to peer support and health education

Blake Skjellerup, a New Zealand speed skater who came out in 2010, will be wearing a rainbow pin at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

London court hears how a 'billion-in-one' semen match in an alleyway led to a breakthrough in a 12 years old case

From celebrating the death of DOMA to helping homeless LGBT kids, Barclays sets out to serve the gay and trans community

A pair of Taiwanese transgender women plan to take their government to court after their marriage license was revoked when the second woman registered her transition from being a man

A complaint about an Australian PFLAG billboard showing a couple who are expecting their baby to be a lesbian has been thrown out by the Advertising Standards Bureau – though they also through out a complaint about an anti-gay billboard

Pope Francis has announced an overhaul of the Vatican City criminal code, with the age of consent raised and stiffer punishments for pedophiles within the city state

The Labor Party Opposition leader in the Australian state of New South Wales has backed plans for a permanent giant rainbow flag to fly over Sydney’s Taylor Square to mark the area’s connection to the LGBT community

Bryan Fischer alleges a US serviceman lost his re-enlistment contract due to supporting Defense of Marriage Act

Filmmaker Kimberly Peirce will be honored before showing of C.O.G.

'They are heterosexual and they just need to come out of that'

'It bothers me when someone tries to hook me up with a friend'

Kathleen Kane: 'I believe it to be wholly unconstitutional'

'It was punches, kicks, everything being thrown at us'

The gay guys who threatened to marry straight guys' girlfriends release their final video in the viral saga