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Make-up artists at Illamasqua are celebrating the life and identity of murdered goth Sophie Lancaster and fighting hate with their tribute eye design

Sponsored feature: Friends of Dorothy invited to visit spectacular home developments in Brighton and south London

Brighton drag queen Lady James carried glow-in-the-dark condoms and Lego toy to child sex meet only to discover it was a police sting

LGBT group in St Petersburg thanks Manchester and calls on the rest of the world to follow their example

Coroner slammed ‘sensational and salacious’ reporting of teacher in suicide inquest but has now been told he should have kept his mouth shut

Archbishop Oscar Cruz has said that he agrees with Pope Francis’ recent comments that gays and lesbians should not be judged but has lashed out at gays who cross-dress and same-sex marriage

The US’ ABC television network has commissioned Oscar winning script writer Dustin Lance Black to tell the story of the modern LGBT rights movement through his own life story in an 8 hour miniseries

A church billboard telling Christians to get over the fact that some people are gay in the Australian city of Gosford has gone viral on the internet and made international news headlines

New LGBT and intersex anti-discrimination protections passed by the Australian Parliament earlier this year have come into effect, starting August 1

Vodka bottles were filled with water due to environmental regulations

More than 10,000 people have signed petition to have Ken Bencomo reinstated

Spokesman: It's an 'amicable parting and, understandably, a private matter'

GSN meets Christian Vincent, the gay Danish actor speaking out against LGBT hate in Russia

The National Black Justice Coalition describes the gay marriage episode of The Soul Man as 'loving and light-hearted.'

'I was a very, very easy target and it meant that I was a solitary kid'

Truth Wins Out: 'Adding her to NBC’s coverage won’t fly in the face of the Olympic spirit, but rather enhance it'

The International Olympic Committee’s promise from Russia appears to be a shambles. Russia will arrest LGBT athletes at Sochi 2014

Openly LGBT politicians are thriving in the US and across Europe. So is it hypocritical for some to stay in the closet?

Westerners are boycotting Stoli Vodka in protest at Russian LGBT rights abuses. But it’s actually not made in Russia at all

The ACLU and Lambda Legal suit against Virginia charges the state's same sex marriage ban 'single[s] out lesbian and gay Virginians'

Gay Star News learns how Barclays uses enthusiasm, innovation and even ATM messages to prove their LGBT credentials at pride

Gay Star News learns how Barclays uses enthusiasm, innovation and even ATM messages to prove their LGBT credentials at pride

The 51-year-old cabinet maker will get compensation for being unfairly fired after cruel taunts at work

Approximately 42 gay couples were prepared to be married by Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

Rude audience member said gay kiss was ‘sick’ but actor left a telling note on the stage

Local mayor ‘flabbergasted’ to find new village for over 50s is being targeted at gay people

Gay venues get a boost from Pope Francis’ visit to Brazil and Catholic youth event in Rio de Janeiro and hold tribute nights

Zanu PF party official claims victory for Mugabe who has threatened gays will ‘rot in jail’ for life during election campaign

Jamaican Anglican priest Reverend Father Sean Major-Campbell says that tolerance for LGBT people is a matter of when and not if for the Caribbean island nation