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Work towards LGBTI equality continues in Nepal after a bureaucratic stalemate prompted by 'false and malicious charges'

Biggest gay marriage lobby in Australia says marriage equality more likely to come to Australia if Kevin Rudd leads Labor party into general election

Lesbian singer says: 'She’s like my everything'

Jean-Michel Colo: 'It’s a parody of equality, it’s a big lie'

Lawyer for three men pepper sprayed and arrested by New York City police officers maintains all legal options are on the table

Out stars Sarah Paulson and Zachary Quinto win for American Horror Story: Asylum

Polls shows change in attitudes - especially among seniors - since voters passed Proposition 8

A former marine working two jobs and the other active in the air force, all they wanted was to raise enough money for a wedding

State Duma passes 'homosexual propaganda' law unanimously fining people and organizations for so called 'gay propaganda' with foreigners jailed and deported

Star Trek actor and gay icon helps US host Conan O'Brien with a viewer's complaint about how 'water works'

Leader of the Catholic Church says the highly secretive Roman Curia is part of the 'gay lobby', which was claimed to be responsible for the resignation of Benedict XVI

Marie, the mother of Michael Causer, says she wants to build a hostel for homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people

Most popular chat show host in the UK says he is 'self-conscious' of saying he loves his partner in front of his friends

State Duma passes 'homosexual propaganda' law unanimously that will see people fined and foreigners deported if they are gay

Being LGBT in Asia launched on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Chinese social networks QQ, Weibo and Douban

Prolific LGBT filmmaker Fan Popo wants to present his latest documentary, Mama Rainbow, about Chinese parents who support their gay children, at Frameline and Outfest film festivals in the US

Pakistani commentators are far from gleeful about getting their own version of the hit American musical TV show Glee

In her career Major Gneral Patricia 'Trish' Rose has directed joint logistics for operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Filipino gay rights activist say that a study showing the Philippines as the most gay-friendly country in Asia, and the tenth in the world, doesn't reflect the reality for LGBT people living there

Joy and emotion marks weekend Finish Line Ceremony in LA

Tony win for Kinky Boots comes after her past Grammy and Emmy victories

'This has been a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another'

Resident motoring columnist Chris Thomas gets his hands frozen to the AMG engineered Mercedes A Class 250

Resident motoring columnist Chris Thomas gets his hands frozen to the AMG engineered Mercedes A Class 250

Andrew Lancel had no comment after verdict, wants to spend time with family

Mark Takano tells GSN: 'We've done a remarkable job of transforming how people feel about us'

Activist Jeff 4 Justice has filmed himself challenging people from his hometown who backed the referendum banning same-sex marriage in California

West Pride is one of the fastest-growing celebrations of LGBT equality in the world, and GSN was there to watch it happen

London announces scene and upcoming talent for Pride in London event