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Gay Star News today (11 March 2013) announces two major new appointments to our expanding global digital sales team.

Incoming head of the Equal Opportunities Commission attempts to ally fears his Christianity will prevent his protection of sexual orientation and gender identity minorities

'The two most loving and capable women in the world simply cannot provide a daddy - and two men cannot provide a mum,' Family First NZ says

One arrest at peaceful protest calling for an end to police brutality, after heavy-handed behavior of New South Wales police at Sydney Mardi Gras was caught on camera

On TV interview Tony Abbott says he is disappointed in himself for saying he was threatened by homosexuality four years ago, but he still doesn't support gay marriage

Minnesota legislature getting prepared to debate the state's anti-gay marriage law

GSN meets the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association to find out about its clubs and tournaments across six continents

Christine C. Quinn makes it official -- she's running for mayor of New York City

Grupo Gay da Bahia, a gay rights group in Brazil, releases startling figures for homophobic killings that took place in the Latin American country last year

Gay rights campaigners warn that opponents of marriage equality are attempting to reintroduced previously repealed ban against 'promotion of homosexuality in Scots schools

UFC champion light-heavyweight fighter Rashad ‘Suga’ Evans has become the latest high profile sports star to sign onto a brief urging the US Supreme Court to back the rights of same-sex couples to marry

LGBT rights groups in Hong Kong have decided to boycott a government organized LGBT rights forum after the government included ex-gay groups in it and failed to organize a meeting in over two years

‘We are very shocked and sad’ says an LGBT activist in Turkey over the woman’s death

Ukrainian pop sensation Kazaky releases their latest video titled ‘Crazy Law’, a possible rebuttal to Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws

GSN escapes to Northern Ireland to experience some culture

GSN escapes to Northern Ireland to experience some culture

The reigning British monarch scheduled to make a pledge for ‘gender equality’ on live television

More and more US voters are getting behind marriage equality

GSN travels to Derry-Londonderry to check on preparations for LGBT Pride celebrations in 2013

GSN travels to Derry-Londonderry to check on preparations for LGBT Pride celebrations in 2013

David Bedrick writes a letter to his straight friends asking them to try better

Over half of American Catholics surveyed say the next pope should move the Church in a new direction

The homophobic message printed on an ATM receipt has sparked local concern and international outrage

The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that two popular anti-gay slurs are hate speech and are not protected under freedom of speech in the country’s constitution

A gay man who spent 11 and a half years in prison after being falsely accused of murder will receive one of the largest payouts for wrongful imprisonment in US history

Ratner to receive Ally Award for overseeing public service announcement campaign

Tom Klansnic believes he is being discriminated against and may sue

GSN meets the European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation who are playing a leading role in fighting homophobia

'I thought he could have done better for his country than just go to the lowest common denominator and stir up the crap'