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Trans artist and prostitute Paola Revenioti shares photos of her former lovers and clients from 19 October to 3 November at East London’s George and Dragon gay bar

Trans artist and prostitute Paola Revenioti shares photos of her former lovers and clients from 19 October to 3 November at East London’s George and Dragon gay bar

Constitutional Court rules it is illegal for registrars to refuse to marry gay couples on the grounds of religious or moral opposition

The Brazilian Congressional Commission on Human Rights and Minorities has approved an amendment that would allow churches to exclude same-sex families and their children from religious rites such as marriages, baptisms and other ceremonies

8 out of 12 of the bishops of the national Church of Norway believe it is acceptable that same-sex couples have religious weddings but the church may settle for church blessings of civil marriages to appease traditionalists

The New York Police Department hopes the re-release of sketches will will help solve the murder of gay man Louis Rispoli

The Montenegrin Government has pledged to deploy more than two thousand police officers to ensure public safety during Sunday’s Podgorica Pride Parade after the country’s first ever pride march was violently attacked by hundreds of thugs in the resort town of Budva in July

A second leading expert on the Australian Constitution has said Tasmania can pass a law to allow same-sex marriage at a state level and believes a High Court challenge against it by the Australian Government is likely to fail

High-profile allies go purple to show support for LGBT youth on Spirit Day

Any Given Tuesday shines light on homeless and abandoned youth in LA

Aggressively went after gig because 'it is a huge, visible opportunity for LGBT people'

Decision comes ahead of next year's ballot measure seeking to end gay marriage ban

Newark New Jersey mayor will have to run again next year to retain his seat

Gay Star News was asked to try out a treatment that claims it can reduce a stubborn area of fat by 55%

The 24-year-old was murdered in 2012 when a group of four men with alleged ties to neo-Nazi groups beat him unconscious and carved swastikas in his skin

Former North Carolina Republican head says all trans people should be put in mental health institutions

Sorry! Dr Donald Stewart to whom Gay Star News has unreservedly apologised for falsely accusing him of two counts of indecent assault

Fox musical comedy drama, with one of the most highest level of diverse characters on television, will finish on its sixth season

US actress says Russian president Vladimir Putin is becoming a real 'dictator' over his gay propaganda laws

As the world celebrates Spirit Day, GSN talks to a leading expert on how teenagers can deal before it gets better

The first gay Frenchman and Moroccan to try and get married have been refused over a decades old agreement between the two countries

The normally very private former Smiths frontman discusses his sexuality and past relationships with men in his new autobiography

Core Issues Trust, who was banned from promoting their 'gay cure' counselling, has lodged papers at High Court

Great British Bake Off co-host Mel Giedroyc is donning purple to support LGBT bullying victims this Spirit Day

British Prime Minister praises Turing who broke German codes during World War II and tells the Commons his prosecution for gay sex was ‘completely wrong’

Hawaii’s Attorney General has said that his state’s constitution does not ban same sex marriage – it only gives lawmakers the power to do so if they choose to – paving the way to same-sex couples marrying there

The European AIDS Clinical Society has condemned Russia’s ban on so-called gay propaganda, saying it has the potential to restrict access to health information, while at the same time a new strain of HIV is spreading ‘at a rapid rate’ in the former Soviet Union

Asian LGBT rights activists say Association of South East Asian Nations declarations against violence against women and children are a lost opportunity for protecting LGBT women and young people

The Australian Capital Territory is set to become the first Australian jurisdiction to allow same-sex couples to marry when it passes a bill next Tuesday despite the threat of court action by the Australian Government