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House Speaker John Boehner's office maintains getting meeting space for an anti-gay group 'does not imply endorsement'

Fight broke out after trans student faced transphobic taunts at a California high school

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki is calling for same-sex marriage law to be repealed, calling it a 'grave sin'

Andrey Bridges stabbed Cemia 'CeCe' Dove over 40 times before dumping her body

South Korea’s Supreme Court has deemed a gay romance film fit for people 15-and-over, overturning a Korea Media Rating Board decision that it was not fit for teenagers of any age to watch

The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe have become the 8th federally recognized Native American tribal grouping to allow same-sex couples to marry, wedding Arnold and Matthew Dahl-Wooley on their reservation Friday afternoon

Threatened with federal lawsuit, district has agreed to change its policy to protect gender expression

Dayna Morales is a former US Marine whose story went viral after she vented her anger and hurt on Facebook

Actor issues formal apology calling his behavior 'offensive and unacceptable'

Gabriela Isler: 'They should have their own pageant, I think'

Bridesmaids star recalls straight male hecklers saying 'Show us your boobs!'

Immerse yourself in the neighborhoods and flavors of Japan’s exciting and dynamic capital

Immerse yourself in the neighborhoods and flavors of Japan’s exciting and dynamic capital

Emmy winning Scandal star tells GSN there's much more to do

 Says 'there was probably a good reason behind why' Baldwin called photographer a 'cocksucking fag'

British reality show winner has recorded a track taking aim at battle rapper Mickey Worthless

Schools Out is encouraging everyone to wear pink clothes to celebrate 10th anniversary of the repeal of Section 28.

Gay Star News readers were asked next what the most common or ridiculous questions bisexuals get, and the results are a must-see

Organizers are appealing the decision that they were wrong to allow children as young as 12 to attend the 'gay' concerts

A Methodist church court is prosecuting a pastor who officiated over his son’s same-sex marriage

Community in Colorado walked a father's journey after he died while honouring his gay son.

The Trans Murder Monitoring project has discovered the highest number of murders of trans minors in five years

Former Take That star's new album Swings Both Ways addresses the artist's sexuality

Pundit Arkady Mamontov has warned Russia must protect 'traditional love' or face the consequences

After decades away, LGBT favorite ABBA could reunite to celebrate their legacy

Says Baldwin can't say he supports LGBTI equality 'while degrading gay people'

Australia’s National LGBTI Health Alliance has used the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance to highlight the high rate of suicide among transgender people due to the discrimination they face

A triptych by the openly gay painter Francis Bacon has broken world art auction records, selling for over $142 million US

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has allowed out of state married gay couples to file joint tax returns and says he wants his state to end its ban on same-sex couples being able to marry