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Antony Cotton and Kym Marsh also seen on show's float at Manchester pride with GSN's Jean Paul Gaultier tote bags

Designer and film director was nominated by Victoria Beckham who ended up impressed with the effort

'He is being raised by a single woman and that is skewing his orientation'

Think Cucumber will be another UK show ripe for the remaking in the US like Queer As Folk? According to the producers, it might be too hot for US tastes.. 

Some Brits were furious over the science fiction show's 'weird lesbian-lizard perv trip'

The World Congress of Families that has praised Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ ban still hasn’t found a venue for its Melbourne conference scheduled for Saturday

He claims it is time for Christians to 'resume obeying God and his word and recriminalize homosexuality, outlaw it again'

Bisexual Australian singer donated all of her earnings from their previous collaboration to the LA Gay and Lesbian Center

Philadelphia’s Giovanni’s Room gay book store, opened in 1973, will reopen as a charity store for Philly AIDS Thrift and will retain the original name

Gay Radio 1 DJ is confirmed for the British reality dancing competition show

The founder of right wing American ‘news’ website World Net Daily has claimed that being opposed to same-sex marriage is a sexual orientation that should be protected like LGBTI people

An advertising campaign for a Kazakhstan gay bar has taken out a bronze award at a regional advertising competition despite causing outrage by showing Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and Kazakh composer Kurmangazy Sagyrbayuly kissing

Fifth season of popular sitcom culminated in wedding of gay couple Mitch and Cam

Writer Larry Kramer, wearing ACT UP cap, is escorted to stage by director Ryan Murphy and accompanied by cast members

'Today I messed up by promising mankind free booze for all eternity'

Openly gay actor thanks his late father for always encouraging him

In demand actor will squeeze in guest spot with filming of Magic Mike 2

Fiance David Burtka does pouring (and the laughing) as twins try to stay out of way

The 21-year-old was arrested by police who feared he would be hunted down and killed by furious local residents who have accused him of engaging in sex acts with other men

A new bill in California aims to ensure future birth certificates reflect the fact that modern families don’t always have one mother and one father

A new bill in California aims to ensure future birth certificates reflect the fact that modern families don’t always have one mother and one father

Holding hands, rapper Haze and model Baldwin were described by MTV as 'the cutest VMA couple of the night’

Chilean LGBTI rights group MOVILH has called on the Ministry of Education to remove books from schools that are recommended reading for students that depict gay people as disordered and predatory

Two lesbians in southern Cameroon have been freed after 9 months in prison awaiting trial

A Minnesota hunting club has reached a legal settlement with young fiancés Cole Frey and Adam Block after it accepted a booking to host their wedding but then refused them when it realized they were a gay couple

'And if people aren't politically conditioned to accept it, their natural reaction is that's just not normal, that's just not natural, that's not what human beings were designed for...'

'It was fun getting to play against Manziel in an NFL game'

The two LGBTI stars were recruited by ‘Wierd Al’ Yankovic for his parody video of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ called ‘Tacky’

Kerry Byrnes was set upon by two thugs while she was walking home alone at night, and the attack has left her scared to leave her home