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Matthew Hodson, of UK-based gay men’s health charity, GMFA, explains why arguments for not having sex with gay men who are HIV positive make little sense – and could actually pose a danger for those who are HIV negative

Christian pastor John Pavlovitz has an Easter message ‘to all those fighting non-existent wars’: the gay community are not battling religion, but against discrimination

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Open letter to the US florist who refused to provide flowers for a same-sex marriage ceremony and the doctor who turned away a child with lesbian moms

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Marriage success 10 years ago made liberal Canada complacent while anti-gay forces marched on

Don’t ask the Oscars to care about us. Just stop caring about the Oscars

London mayor hopeful claims gay men are ‘obliged to stand on the left and throw rocks at the right’

Tatchell was among 130 who opposed the 'no platforming' of feminist speakers, some of whom have offensive views on trans people. Trans activists were not happy with Tatchell for appearing to support these people

Research from Germany suggests that religious groups are aggressively opposing gay rights

As Supreme Court gets ready to rule on same-sex marriage nationwide, Reverend Irene Monroe pays tribute to Mildred Loving - the woman that proved love knows no race or gender

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It is not the post-racial era we dreamed of

Ethan Regal, a gay man living in Nigeria, writes about his experiences growing up and living in one of the worst places in the world to be gay

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The truth about drugs, addiction and decriminalization will surprise you, writes Hari

Generations and races come together to share the lessons of the civil rights film

It was announced last week that England’s first ‘gay school', aimed primarily at LGBT pupils, is due to be launched in Manchester. Elly Barnes, CEO and Founder of Educate & Celebrate, explains why she would instead prefer to see all schools adopt LGBT-friendly practices

'Your absence has broken our hearts. The love for you was in the world all along. It sat quiet, waiting'