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The former couple has been living apart since November

'I hope he doesn't drop his partner. I wish him the best of luck'

'His body is flawless so it's hard not to feel a little self-conscious around him'

Zachary Quinto also mourns the actor who died at the age of 83

'What's the difference between that and racism, or any discrimination?'

The film is the true tale of one of the first people to undergo gender reassignment surgery – and what happened to her

Lesbian actress continues her TV comeback in the ABC comedy

Regulator is investigating whether the smooch violates broadcast policy

Breakout hip hop drama earns its best ratings to date for episode

How to Get Away With Murder star steadfastly refuses to say if he is gay or straight

UK singer gives a soulful performance of Lay Me Down

'The answer for a fag to something that is boring is to take his pants off'

Material Girl managed to complete her set despite what appeared to be painful mishap

Little is known about the character she will play in her first major acting role

'I've been married happily for a long time, but then there are times – like when Ryan Gosling’s on the show'

TV chef Duff Goldman made the seven-tier gold and silver cake and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue DJ'ed at the reception

Taylor Swift says she is ‘sadsies’ she didn’t get to go to Atlanta gay strip club Swinging Richards when Ed Sheeran took her backup dancers out to celebrate one of their birthdays

He tweets: 'While I continue to train and stay ready, I am ecstatic to participate in a fun, athletic competition'

Colfer: 'What I think is groundbreaking is the response that our characters got'

'Excellent show but no gays please'

'People started treating me like a gay unicorn'

Unable to compete in NFL last season, Sam will compete for Mirror Ball Trophy

'The thing that I thought was my Achilles heel wound up being the thing that made me successful'

'I'm glad that it's done and I'm sorry that I read Twitter'

Oscar winner's 'stay weird' speech after win for The Imitation Game screenplay led many to assume

Celebrities including John Barrowman and Lance Bass have tweeted their confusion over Rivers' absence

'It’s time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America.'

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