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Bryan Singer was accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old in Hawaii in 1999

Daniel Franzese joins Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey in the cast of the hit HBO show

Cardiff, Wales’ 8th annual Iris Prize Film Festival will showcase the very best of LGBTI themed cinema from around the world in October of 2014

Pair just completed filming Michael in which they play former lovers

'We collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports'

'Being on a soap demands unbelievable discipline which I didn't always have'

Singer is telling you that she is not going to get bothered about rumors surrounding her sexuality

Freeheld will tell the true story of one couple's fight for pension benefits after one of them becomes terminally ill

'... He seems to think that Michael Sam is kind of waiting to take a shower, as not to make his teammates feel uncomfortable'

Antony Cotton and Kym Marsh also seen on show's float at Manchester pride with GSN's Jean Paul Gaultier tote bags

Think Cucumber will be another UK show ripe for the remaking in the US like Queer As Folk? According to the producers, it might be too hot for US tastes.. 

Bisexual Australian singer donated all of her earnings from their previous collaboration to the LA Gay and Lesbian Center

Gay Radio 1 DJ is confirmed for the British reality dancing competition show

Fifth season of popular sitcom culminated in wedding of gay couple Mitch and Cam

Writer Larry Kramer, wearing ACT UP cap, is escorted to stage by director Ryan Murphy and accompanied by cast members

Openly gay actor thanks his late father for always encouraging him

In demand actor will squeeze in guest spot with filming of Magic Mike 2

Holding hands, rapper Haze and model Baldwin were described by MTV as 'the cutest VMA couple of the night’

'It was fun getting to play against Manziel in an NFL game'

Arrow’s John Barrowman took the ice bucket challenge with his husband Scott Gill wearing only a jock strap, and he then challenged hunky co-star Colton Haynes who accepted

Tells Gay Star News: 'I go back and forth on what my next steps will be'

Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint locked lips in a climactic scene in the first episode of the eighth season of British science fiction series

I 'thought, "There’s no way this guy’s going to hell" because in my church, it was, "Anybody who’s gay is going to hell"'

The All-Star received 31 votes from a national panel of 38 sportswriters and broadcasters

Could Rebecca Root become Britain's answer to Laverne Cox?

'The bottom line is that regardless of how you were made or who you love, you should be able to get married if you want to get married'

' I love her, I love her sort of diva-ness – it comes out'

Voice actress Olivia Olson has revealed that Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward told her that her character Marceline the vampire used to date Princess Bubblegum in her back story, but that plot twist will not be appearing on the show

The Motion Picture Association of America has given an R-rating to a film staring John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as elderly gay newly weds despite there being no sex, nudity, violence or drug use in the film