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Pirates of the Caribbean star talks about her relationship with Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game

Host of The Daily Show rips into Texas governor for comparing homosexuality to alcoholism

Lesbian drama and gay Big Bang Theory actor are among the nominees for the show where the awards are voted for by teens

Actor says he has not seen a script or been offered the role to star in the movie

Fox News contributor says: 'We believe everyone should have the same rights'

'I think he changed me for the better. I grew from getting to play him'

'This is probably one of the proudest days of my life'

Hollywood insider told journalist they hope 'gay will stay trendy' before the next movie in the Steve Martin franchise is released

Gay American Idol star says he has met with the British singer-songwriter to give him advice

The US drag trio, famous for their tongue in cheek parodies of famous pop songs, confirm their break up via frosty exchanges on social media

While the gay Puerto Rican pop star was performing at a concert in Morocco, he changed the pronouns in one of his songs to reflect his sexuality

Stefanie Sun, a Mandarin popstar popular across East Asia and Southeast Asia, says she supports the 'Freedom to Love' and calls on fans to attend Singapore's pro-LGBT Pink Dot rally

Regarding asking trans people about body parts, Cox tells Couric: 'It’s only a mistake if you make it twice'

Stuart Hatton Jr is in the running for Mr Gay Europe, and his hometown has given him some surprise support

Decision hilariously mocked by satirists claiming Singaporean officials now think homosexuality can be spread through sound

Tony winning production will extend its Broadway run through October with a new star

Comedy legend jokes: 'They’ll send Solange after me. I’ll be in the elevator and they’ll beat the hell out of me'

Boy George says even though the band has tried to kill each other, their relationship has 'transcended' to a new place

Sherri Shepherd takes exception when Will Cain makes statement while co-hosting ABC's The View

Filmmaker writes book about his adventure and says: 'You don't need to go on a dating site, just go hitchhiking!'

'I went home, and I was like, "Oh my God, I have glitter between my teeth!"'

The 14th installment of the popular Japanese Final Fantasy series of video games will finally allow players to marry characters of the same-sex with an upcoming software patch

'I realize now that it was hard for him. He had a lot of classic conflicts about all of that'

Talk show host repeats line of questioning about body parts that led to headaches for Katie Couric

Says gays have to 'demand' respect in locker rooms: 'I think you have to just demand equality in general'

Director calls it 'full circle moment' since film is about AIDS activists trying to get the attention of the government

True Blood star has celebrated Pride month by saying her marriage to a man is about love, not gender

Former world number one Amelie Mauresmo replaces Ivan Lendl