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'We should not be labeled because it creates tension between people'

Willie Mason takes it in stride: 'Offended? Please. I think it’s hilarious'

Gay gossip columnist shares picture of his new baby

Rapper used the word 'faggot' 213 times on debut album

Late last month, both were arrested for a a fight they had in their Arizona home

'Your first relationship starts with yourself. Know who you are and cultivate that'

'There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends'

Resting has not been enough to heal damage - will be out for 6-8 weeks

'I can just tell you right now, there was no Andy D going in my B'

'When I was young, I was the female that gay guys wanted to try to become heterosexual with'

The British singer kissed actor Brent Morin after a cameo appearance on NBC's Undateable

The channel aims to give viewers and insight into 'a hidden world and a surprising, sideways look at modern gay relationships'.

Gay icon did her first of many guest spots with Letterman 29 years ago

'It was sort of like if you were gay then you were going to have AIDS ...  I internalized that fear for a long time’

‘I hate everything Hopkins stands for, I think it’s disgusting'

The singer urged the US congress to continue leading the global effort to fight HIV and AIDS

Weirdest places he's had sex is 'under the stands at Hollywood High School'

Says not all her past relationships have been 'straight, heterosexual' ones

Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello are taking it all off again

'What do these old men in the courtroom think is going to happen?'

‘In fairness, it’s not digging coal. It’s standing, and my glass of wine is a short walk away.'

Says not all her relationships have been 'straight, heterosexual'

'I remembered that it was really a faith based in love'

'Getting back with Captain Jack is like putting on an old pair of shoes or a very comfortable coat.'

The event will be 76-year-old Jacobi's first pride march ever; pair let slip they may visit the Stonewall Inn

Melissa Rivers: 'Not only did my mother deserve better, every patient deserves better'

In new clip, Kardashian family matriarch reacts to ex-husband's transition

The comedian has fired back at a poster that suggested children need to be raised by a mother and a father

The openly gay actor says he wishes the show could have continued for at least another full season