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How I Met Your Mother star reveals how he struggled with his sexuality, sleeping with different men, before he met love of his life David Burtka

'Men In Shorts' will follow the life of an openly gay soccer player

Gay Dog Food includes a track featuring Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna and a song titled Solange in the Elevator

'To just hear his voice, to see his smile ... For me, that would be an extraordinary thing'

Is first major talent to get pink slip - nearly 1,500 expected to lose jobs

'We all know actors who are [gay] who don't want to talk about it or bring it up, or who deny it'

'I grabbed the whole cheek cause I wanted the party right here in my pants'

If ever a baby was going to dance, you know it would happen in that family

Medium says she cannot see the future when it comes to her marriage

Bisexual actor Andy Mientus will play gay super villain the Pied Piper while Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller joins the show as Captain Cold

Trans lives and depictions of younger and older LGBTI people win audiences’ hearts at film festival

The chat show star recounts his love affair with alcohol and remembers attending AA meetings with Carrie Fisher

'I was cuddling with a gay guy, giving him a massage . . . you know, let’s be real—guys give other guys massages'

Sometimes, the call of Beyoncé karaoke is just too strong

Léa Seydoux, who recently thrilled audiences with as a blue-haired lesbian, will be in Bond 24

Looking star says while he may have shown his back a few multiple times, he's not quite ready to show his front yet

The View co-host, a victim of abuse herself, says: 'He's the Michael Landon of this generation'

Emmy nominee wants to send strong message against bullying 'so that young people don't have to go through what I did'

Reality TV star has received an outpour of support from fans

Sherlock star says there is 'no need' to show explicit gay sex scenes in the Alan Turing biopic

Actor details the years of physical and emotional abuse his family endured at the hands of his late father

CBS This Morning co-host explains she was stuttering after joking exchange with Charlie Rose

'I remember Jesus had a lot of different kinds of friends. Jesus never turned anybody away'

Phil Robertson is at it again, leading a sermon that claims straight, married couples cannot get an STD

Josh Thomas tells Bob Katter he's 'kooky but adorable' on Australia's Q&A

British singer Morrissey has revealed that he has been receiving treatment for cancer and may soon retire from making music

'Be proud of this industry and every single male model, gay, straight, heels, corsets. Who gives a f**k?'

Freddie Smith lost control of his car in Ohio - passenger in critical condition

The gay icon is a long-standing supporter of LGBTI rights