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Barclays LGBT gala fundraiser for Cohen’s anti-bullying charity also hears Olympic bronze medal hero Annie Panter talk about being lesbian

Jaymi Hensley, who found fame on The X Factor UK, is to marry his long time partner in 2015

Tells Oprah Winfrey his dad 'had this whole idea of what his son was going to be'

You have Miley stripping naked at every opportunity... One wonders what it has to do with music but people have to find ways to get attention!'

'It’s just the struggle of the elephant in the room which is "How do you get viewers to NBC?" ... It just doesn’t have the eyeballs CBS does'

Comic book writer has revealed they will be playing with the Nord God of Mischief's fluid sexuality and gender in future issues

 Of their 2014 Calendar they admit: 'We want to be there for you, naked, because we care - and because we like it'

Busy British actor chosen for lead role in musical spectacle following a lengthy search

Nirvana frontman who committed suicide in 1994 had wondered if 'that might be the solution to my problem'

Adele Exarchopoulos says of graphic sex scenes: 'When you die in a movie, you don't really die in life'

Song will support those threatened by prejudice and criminal sanctions solely because of their sexual orientation or gender identity

Lesbian comic has returned to stand-up and plans to 'still say things that’ll piss people off'

British comic reveals he once trawled through London's gay village Soho to find a guy who would accept to be wanked off in a pub toilet on camera

It's known that Nolan is bisexual but what is Patrick's true orientation?

'That certainly is me. Judy Garland's got nothing on me'

Actor stars opposite Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club

'We are both surrounded by so many people who make our lives better and easier'

Big Brother star Brian Dowling says: 'To witness the outstanding work of all the nominees and award winners was extraordinary.'

Gay couple and kids show off their Alice In Wonderland inspired costumes for a pre-school celebration

Former Smiths frontman comes clean on his fan website to clear up rumors over his sexuality after revealing his first real relationship was with a man

Danish reality star Gustav Salinas taken to hospital after he's struck with a bottle

The men from Queer Eye will share some dirt about who hooked up during the show's run

Queen drummer Roger Taylor drops hint during interview on BBC's The One Show that the Skyfall star may take the role of the late singer

But says of Russia's anti-gay laws: 'I think that I'm going to do something about it'

Pop diva caused controversy when she called gay people 'adorable and hilarious'

Any Given Tuesday shines light on homeless and abandoned youth in LA

Aggressively went after gig because 'it is a huge, visible opportunity for LGBT people'

Fox musical comedy drama, with one of the most highest level of diverse characters on television, will finish on its sixth season

US actress says Russian president Vladimir Putin is becoming a real 'dictator' over his gay propaganda laws