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'I haven’t even confirmed with him that we’re officially seeing each other'

Proposed to Julia Lemigova at the US Open - they have been together since 2006

Series centers on teen who learns his parents are getting a divorce and his dad is becoming a woman

'Acting is hard - you have to become another person and through that you become insecure as that person'

'I feel like I’m representing a whole community ... it is a lot of pressure'

New Batgirl has led to an apology from DC Comics

Russell T Davies, who created Queer As Folk, is back in Manchester to celebrate gay life

'I'll do whatever I can to help people. And I've had enough'

Movies with LGBTI themes are recognized at the US awards celebrating TV and movie successes

For wearing his organizer-provided underwear on his head instead of his groin during the underwear segment

Says Rogers: 'We’re no longer dating but we’re friends'

'There is something about people, for one reason or the other, who are marginalized by their circumstance that is compelling to me'

Gay broadcaster calls himself a 'fool' for the way he acted in his early career

Take Me To Church has been streamed more than 87 million times

The National Examiner newspaper has claimed that Barack Obama hid his ‘gay lifestyle’ to be president and that he had an affair with One Direction’s Harry Styles behind his family’s back

But all other members of 'N Sync will be on hand for the ceremony which is being filmed for a TV special

Interview will follow OWN's airing of documentary on the first openly gay man to be drafted by an NFL team

Big reveal comes during season finale of Direct TV drama

Lesbian Queen of Shops to choose Britain’s LGBTI business stars

Trans actress Laverne Cox also nominated for Orange is the New Black

Freddie Smith to be sentenced in February for  felony vehicular assault and misdemeanor driving under the influence

Scott Rudin is first producer to have won an Oscar, Grammy, Tony and Emmy

Followers by director Tim Marshall will be screened in front of A-list critics and avid movie-goers

Gay Danish-British presenter converts her civil partnership into marriage

Jaymi Hensley reveals the funny story of how he came out

'There's a lot of homosexuals in mixed martial arts who haven't yet come out'