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TV's Dexter set to take over role of transgender punk rock singer in Broadway production

Glee creator announced he is now father to a second child at the American Horror Story season four premiere

Former X Files star, now in a long term relationship with a man, says she wants to honor her lesbian experience

Lena Dunham has told The Howard Stern Show that she considers her boyfriend Jack Antonoff to be her life partner but they won’t be getting married until her lesbian sister Grace can as well throughout the United States

The transgender actress says her new documentary on transgender youth and the issues they face

A new Pornhub study has looked into the porn-watching habits of men and women, and lesbian and gay porn rank as the top two for women

Fraternity brother and girlfriend stop having sex and ask for photos with the Modern Family stars

'It's unnecessary to go to the most popular restaurant in the world when you have a scandal on your head'

'You are alone with a man who is not your husband, who also has a husband'

#RichKids of Beverly Hills star EJ Johnson, 22, underwent gastric sleeve surgery five weeks ago

But, he admits: 'It was a few drinks in at that point. All bets were off'

The View co-host says show was not about 'chick fights' when it was launched

LGBTI media advocacy group announces networks must include transgender characters to receive an 'Excellent' grade from next year

Whoopi tells Rosie:  'I'm really sick of your s***!"

'We had a friend of a friend who knew a dude who had a castle' and Elton John sang

Emmy nominated actor will shoot action-drama The Nice Guys after wrapping sequel to Magic Mike

The Iris Prize Festival 2014 will feature the work of the world's best LGBTI filmmakers

Michael Hoffman did the videos for money and now wants to pursue acting

For Richard Blanco, coming out was 'just a slow sort of easing into'

Linda Hunt has been married to retired therapist Karen Klein since 2008

'Seriously, I'm healthier and in loving myself I attract a different kind of person now'

West End run also expected for Britain’s favorite gay play, telling the story of teens Jamie and Ste finding love on a London council estate

Saying gay sex is 'part of life,' How to Get Away With Murder creator Peter Nowalk promises lots more

Gay TV host and writer admitted to taking the drug in the House of Lords, House of Commons, Windsor Castle, Clarence House as well as BBC Television Centre

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals he was caught stealing gay porn, forcing him to come out to his father

One of the first openly gay characters in superhero comic books, the Pied Piper, is set to appear in the upcoming television adaptation of DC Comics’ The Flash

Although he is most famous congressional candidate in the US, Aiken faces uphill battle with North Carolina voters

British actor, who has starred in films like Love Actually and Underworld, reflects on the hit gay rights film