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The University of Missouri defensive lineman promises proceeds from the sale of merchandise will be donated

'I've been waiting for someone to ask about it in an interview, because it's not something  you just blurt out'

Mexican food chain sued Grammy-winning singer after he backed out of singing on ad he had received advance for

Leaving TV series and Los Angeles behind, actor has stepped into high heels of East German transgender glam rock singer

Manchester Gay and Lesbian Choir will be premiering 'Canal Street' at their Mother's Day show at the end of March

'Don't even try it', the New Zealand says, shutting him down. 'It's not working it'

Tennis legend says reports that she will be on Celebrity Appearance are false

'We had been feeling anxious, nervous, excited, hopeful for a season two since the day we wrapped season one'

Actors will be portraying characters living in New York City at the beginning of the AIDS crisis during the early 1980s

New track samples Irish drag queen Panti Bliss' speech that condemns homophobia in Ireland that went viral around the world

'This is a great opportunity for me on a personal and professional level'

'Good for him. I would have no sense of judgment on him. God bless ya'

'Joey walked in on me with the guy I was dating just kind of sitting on my lap. Straight guys don’t do that'

To appear in season finale to help wrap story of a departing Sandra Oh

Victor Voronov asks that charges be dropped stemming from domestic dispute before the Olympics

Brian May says Lambert 'the only singer' who can deliver as lead singer of their classic songs

Irish actor, most famous for playing Moriarty in the BBC drama hit, reveals how growing up in a country where it was illegal to be gay affected him

Gay Emmerdale soap actress and TOWIE star also share their experiences of being bullied in new film

Host is seen saying to writers of now legendary all-star selfie: 'I really hope everyone jumps in this picture'

Gay rights campaigners worked together with primary school teachers to deliver four stories that can teach kids about LGB issues

Channel 4 will be celebrating the first gay couples to get legally married in England and Wales

Becomes one of the few LGBTI celebrity contestants to take part over 18 seasons

Awards telecast scores its highest ratings in 14 years while her live post-Oscar  show nabs highest ratings ever for daytime gabfest

'I think she thought it would be funny ... I think it went a bit astray on her'

Popular BBC One drama TV show actress decided to put her acting career aside and concentrate on her music

'It's no love story, but life rarely is': a past finalist for the Iris Prize gay and lesbian short film award deals with gay relationships, sex, and love in the modern world.

At the end of the second contract, the Brooklyn Nets are required to sign Collins, if they want to keep him, for the remainder of the season

Actor won best actor prize for a film all about a homophobic man's fight to survive the disease during epidemic's early days