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Lea DeLaria, aka Big Boo, is excited to come back to Manchester. ‘The girls there are really hot!’

Gay 'Stay With Me' singer could be following in the footsteps of Madonna, Adele and Tom Jones to record a new 007 song

Charlie Condou will take lead role in Southwark Playhouse production of Next Fall

The Brit actor plays a gay character in Lilting but says Freddie Mercury biopic is on hold

Remembers 'the darkest time of my life, when I was afraid to ask for help' and doesn't want any others to go through the same

The young stars play sisters fighting to survive in Into the Forest

The famous pair, friends for 41 years, have raised more than $12 million for AIDS charities

Over 11,000 LGBT and ally athletes converge on Cleveland, Ohio to compete in over 30 sport categories

'I think it's a fantastic thing. Hopefully Michael Sam’s taking the plunge for everyone who will come after him'

Lesbian actress's scene with on-screen husband required her to have an albino snake named Butter wrapped around her body

Brent Antonello: 'Jude’s falling for Zero without a doubt. Without a doubt. I think you can see that without any dialogue'

Openly gay Neil Tennant and band partner Chris Lowe will perform 13 August at Forum Karlin in support of LGBT communities in eastern countries

Michael Egan had claimed he tried to repress memories until undergoing trauma therapy

Site describes actor's relationship with Scott Haze as 'somewhat ambiguous, seemingly gay, probably romantic'

'Your sport is what makes up who you are more than your sexuality'

Orange Is The New Black actress praises Conan O'Brien for his bravery of being 'the first transgender talk show host'

There will be no openly LGBTI professional dancers on the BBC dancing show following Robin Windsor's departure

Comic portrays the ex-lover of Annaleigh Ashford's character who has become a series regular

Emmy nominated actor and cast enjoyed a six-season run

Actress joins cast of The Young and the Restless as drinking buddy of character played by Melody Thomas Scott

Guardians of the Galaxy star has said he has been welcomed into the Marvel family with open arms

Former writer of the animated sitcom will return for three nights to sing from his most famous episode Marge vs the Monorail

'I was assigned male at birth but I always felt like I was a girl'

Emmy winner's costars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco receive same deal

Frankie Grande and Cody Calafiore get physical with Zach Rance nowhere in sight

Ben Whishaw paid tribute to every person who has told their family or friends about their sexuality

Living With The Enemy pairs two opposing views on topics in Australia

Mariah Carey will grace the cover of a new free magazine for Turkey’s LGBTI community which comes out tomorrow

Earlier in the Games, Daley took silver in the 10m platform pairs