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'Let Glory diadem the mighty dead/Let monuments of brass and marble rise/To those who have upon our being shed/A golden halo, borrowed from the skies'

CNN anchor tweets to concerned viewers that he was struck with 'appendicitis'

Athlete is in training with the hopes of competing in 2018 Winter Olympics

'It makes me sad to think I'd waited so long to experience something that should have been a natural part of my adolescence'

London comes to a standstill for the world premiere of The Battle of the Five Armies

22-year-old says it’s a call to action for LGBTIs in Eastern Europe

'I do think women are gorgeous. Crazy but gorgeous.'

Singer previously said being an LGBTI role model would be 'awful'

Christopher Sean's character could come between daytime soap's newlywed gay couple

'My father’s been dead for 15 years, and I’m still trying to prove something to him'

'These are some big shoes I'm going to fill. Joan was truly one of a kind'

They think he can't be a 'real' Santa

'We literally turned him into a beast… Jake, my god, he’s a very electric, powerful fighter in this movie...'

Gay vampire and gay werewolf shared kiss in recent episode of Vampire Diaries spinoff

'I've learned not to engage with them via media'

The BBC presenter has told the Evening Standard newspaper of a late-night encounter with a London black cab driver who wanted to offer him more than a lift home

Watch a video of his interpretation of Wind Beneath My Wings inside

'Thanksgiving is a day to count our blessings and to be grateful for the challenges that have helped us learn and grow'

Barrowman flies home to be with family - gets row to himself on near empty plane

'John Gielgud was obsessed with trousers, loved corduroy and leather. And so he wrote a film set in a menswear shop'

Movie is about a university professor who was suspended for being gay

High school sweethearts Santana and Brittany will tie the knot

'It feels ... like the weight of the world's been lifted off my shoulders'

'Treating lesbians and gays as second-class citizens is following old tradition'

The trio reportedly have steamy scene in upcoming film Michael

'It's like wearing a toupee. It suggests that you’re not proud of who you are'

Stars John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as married couple pulled apart when one is fired from Catholic for being gay

Actress calls him her 'favorite person in the world'