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Dumont joins Katy B, Conor Maynard, Gabrielle and Foxes for LGBTI festival in England

US superstar rumored to be planning to party at London's G-A-Y on Friday as part of the Visit Denmark Eurovision Song Contest night organized by GSN

Aussie Matthew Mitcham hits out at a columnist who wrote an article defending homophobia

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We Can't Stop singer says London is her favorite city in the world to perform because she 'loves the gay scene' there

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Tweets Weir: 'Please respect our privacy and integrity at this time'

Athlete is 25 years younger than actor who is currently filming the movie Daddy

'I frankly did not think people would be that interested. I certainly didn’t think it was going to be on the CNN ticker'

After you triumph at our G-A-Y contest to go from London to Copenhagen for the Eurovision Song Contest final, here’s what to expect for the high-octane weekend

Even though the Netflix prison LGBTI comedy-drama has not aired its second season yet, it will definitely be back in 2016

Coronation Street's Julie Hesmondhalgh will be starring in Russell T Davies new series about gay life in the 21st century

'I'm just honored to be able to share my wedding with the world'

'I was completely green, fresh out of college, and honestly, I was scared'

US home design guru and Jeremiah Brent become first same-sex couple to be married at landmark location

Iceland's Eurovision song aims to point out injustice

See the full list of recipients at the GLAAD media awards this year

Growing Pains actor turned born-again Christian Kirk Cameron says combating fornication and adultery should be bigger priorities for Christians than fighting gay marriage

Star Trek actor and social media star George Takei has praised the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in accepting its 2014 Vito Russo award

All the news from Eurovision's red carpet! Last year's winner speaks to Gay Star News about what Denmark has to offer as we prepare for our biggest ever Eurovision

Boy George told GSN it's time for world leaders to be more proactive when countries put in place anti-gay laws

Former Good Morning America colleagues share warm moments as both broadcast from Kentucky Derby in their new TV jobs

'Today I am starting to walk a new life, with no ties, no lies, no annoyances or pain'

'Everything Tom has said about being in love I feel and echo probably more'

'I'm so proud of you, so happy for you. I know what a scary thing that is'

Comic says she yelled 'Fierce! Fierce! Diva! Fierceness!' when Material Girl - protected by bodyguard - walked by her on red carpet

Film based on novel about Danish painter who was one of the first persons to undergo sex-change surgery

Chandler Massey going for third win in a row for his portrayal of Will Horton on NBC's Days of Our Lives - earns fourth nod overall

Celebrity designer couple Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have pledged to appeal a Milan appeals court ruling that could see them both jailed for 18 months over alleged tax evasion