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'And I feel so sorry to say such things. You're so gay it hurts my feelings.'

'I went into it like a regular game. I've been here before, but it was good to see the support I had'

'I was simply trying to assert my belief that we need to be especially vigilant and accountable to ourselves'

The pair have forged strong bromance on NBC's The Voice

'If your panties fall down all around your feet, step out of them and keep on singing'

Bisexual rapper has no regrets calling gay celebrity blogger 'messy faggot'

UK’s biggest LGBTI park event has secured the right to use its home for the next six years

He remains the first and only openly gay player in Major League Soccer league

Asked what he looks for in a partner he replies: 'Male or female?'

Is popular LGBTI-themed book The Princes and the Treasure set to make its cinematic debut?

Label says the anti-gay slur was ‘used in a musical sense'

'You know, I call things as I see them and that's that'

'I just want people to finally see me the way I see myself'

'AIDS has lost the edge of horror it possessed when it swept through the world in the ’80s'

'There's certainly been interest from some teams (but) not enough to get him on a practice squad'

Actress says while many believe the closet is 'the right thing to do for your career, they don’t realize it’s eroding your soul'

'Nick Jonas shaving his chest. This is something I just dream about'

He seems to be annoyed about the little things

Takei says of Hunter: 'He was blond and gorgeous ... he was a dreamboat'

Singer-actor has flashed his abs at gay club and more to promote his new album

'Boom Clap' singer says she will never go back to Uganda

The song is distributed by the singer's new record company, Sony Music Austria

The prominent gay actor, activist and prolific tweeter says his 7.8 million followers won't be hearing from him for a month as it is 'unsafe' for him to be on Twitter

Partners becomes singer's 52nd gold record -  more than any other female artist in history

But did she scare any of them off?

Olympic diver and Oscar winner raising money for causes close to their hearts