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Piece linked Gordon romantically to openly gay racer Stephen Rhodes

Kristian Nairn: 'You have to have small eyebrows. You have to look pretty. And that’s never been me'

The TV fitness trainer went public to help self-loathing contestant know 'it's okay to be gay'

Ugly split and fight over belongings continues to play out in court papers

Singer is not proud of the 'awful' things he has said about the Material Girl but admits he's actually a fan

The News Quiz presenter and her civil partner Debbie will renew their union in front of the public celebrating same-sex marriages in England and Wales

Four band members say they will always remember their gay singer and 'brother' who tragically and suddenly passed away in 2009

'It sounds like I've lost my mind, but I feel like I'm becoming aware of it'

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, George Takei, Meredith Baxter and others thrilled with recent court rulings

Victor Voronov details allegations in court papers seeking financial support and return of family dog

'I've always felt like I'm an open book, and yet obviously I haven't been completely'

Global superstar will recieve the Vanguard award, joining past winners Cher, Whoopi Goldberg and Jennifer Aniston

New superhero film will be the first major release after Page came out as lesbian in a heartfelt Valentine's Day speech

The Saturday night show at the legendary London club celebrates the pop princess’ latest album Kiss Me Once

English actor calls for a gay superhero on cinema screens, and praises the gender equality shown in his new film

Accompanied by police, Weir retrieves belongings from New Jersey home - including  a Japanese Chin named Tema

Openly gay leading man juggling series with feature film roles

Ben Cohen, Lorraine Kelly, Sue Perkins and Ian McKellen all need your support as voting reaches its last few days

Gay Star News, Stonewall, G-A-Y and Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up for Britain’s biggest same-sex marriage party

Olympic bronze medalist says he came out because he wanted to be out with his boyfriend in public

Jean Paul Gaultier to produce exclusive design for our limited-edition bags, to be handed out at UK’s top LGBTI pride events

Olympian claims he was very 'isolated from the world' and had to financially support both of them

US president says life in White House not near as exciting as on shows like House of Cards and Scandal

He tweets that he is ‘shocked by the abrupt ending of my marriage and am dealing with the trauma'

An Italian singer, who believes homosexuality is a something that someone can recover from, refuses to apologize over the song

Spanish actor turned politician Toni Canto has spoken out about his decision to appear naked in a gay role in the film The Last Match – saying politicians who are corrupt should be more of a scandal

Former Good Morning America weather anchor now heads daily three-hour Weather Channel show

9 to 5 co-stars will play women whose husbands have left them - for each other in Grace and Frankie