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In an exclusive interview with Gay Star News, Sherlock's co-creator says the UK should have done more to stand up for LGBTI rights before the Sochi Winter Olympics

Ever been to a dog pride show? If you answered no, you’ll be barking mad to miss this… *warning terrible puns oncoming*

S Club 7, Stooshe and Foxes also to perform at the two-day event in the West Midlands

British pop star, who had ackowledged being bisexual, is accused by Waltz of cheating on her with another man

Kristen Kish shares photo of herself with girlfriend in celebration of their 1 year anniversary

Actress and talk show host founded nonprofit arts education foundation Rosie's Theater Kids

The Iris Prize Festival will showcase the best British and international LGBTI films

Couple, who got engaged a year ago, exchange vows at sunset overlooking ocean

Long-awaited historic gay wedding between two men to take place on US daytime soap - see preview

YouTube sensation had sought to raise $81,000 - fans helped him raise more than four times that amount

Ellen Page will award the Orange is The New Black star who ‘reshaped the way Americans see transgender people’ with the award for trans activism

The couple say they want to be able to call each other ‘husband’ instead of ‘partner’

'When it comes to the movement of our trans sisters and trans brothers, we are newly sensitized...'

The Hollywood star spoke about her own definition of sexuality in an interview with Glamour magazine

Britain’s top gay venue, G-A-Y at Heaven, got together with Stonewall, Ben & Jerry’s and Gay Star News for the mother of all same-sex marriage parties

Former Oz and Law & Order: SVU star has moved to comedy in TV's Surviving Jack

US actress Sally Field has written about her experiences raising a gay son alongside two straight ones in a moving letter aimed at bolstering support for the US’ Human Rights Campaign

'The portrait there that's being presented is designed to make you think that same-sex households are wonderful, they're loving, this is paradise, this is the optimum nurturing environment for children...'

Veteran broadcaster also a staunch ally for LGBTI equality: 'What the people opposed to it have to face is, it's a losing war'

Marcus Juhlin says he's gone public for others out there who feel like they don't fit in

He pens heartfelt Facebook post for fans and urges everyone to come out

Gay rapper Le1f has put a verbal smack-down on Lord Jamar of the Brand Nubians – telling him that he knows more about oppression than he does as a gay black man

Willie Robertson says the family patriarch 'just said what he thought, what was on his heart'

Piece linked Gordon romantically to openly gay racer Stephen Rhodes

Kristian Nairn: 'You have to have small eyebrows. You have to look pretty. And that’s never been me'

The TV fitness trainer went public to help self-loathing contestant know 'it's okay to be gay'

Ugly split and fight over belongings continues to play out in court papers

Singer is not proud of the 'awful' things he has said about the Material Girl but admits he's actually a fan