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'I've changed a lot, I've done a lot of work on myself'

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Beneath the Surface will focus on Asian LGBT experiences in a series of workshop performances in six cities from London to Newcastle

Twilight actor reveals on Little Ashes, where he played Dali, a part of his performance was not entirely acted

Former child antique prodigy and now CBB star Harries speaks about her trouble finding love as a transgender celebrity

Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman, Andy Samberg and others poke fun at actor

Alain Delon, once described as France's answer to James Dean, says men are here to 'woo women' not 'pick up guys'

Gay YouTube star Tyler Oakley was given a one-on-five interview with One Direction despite declaring himself a stalker of the band

Glee star says: 'It’s just money'

Actor has landed plum role of Christian Grey in film version of erotic best selling novel

Full line-up for the British dancing reality competition show has been revealed

ARTPOP star joins the likes of George Takei and Stephen Fry in calling for the Sochi Winter Olympics to be moved

Video montage teases the films selected for the 2013 Iris Prize

Former NSYNC singer Lance Bass has taken to Twitter to announce his engagement to boyfriend Michael Turchinart while on a trip to New Orleans

Chris Kluwe thanks the Oakland Raiders for the opportunity and wishes the punter, who beat him out for a spot on the team, best of luck

Play opening tonight in London will feature accounts of over 20 LGBT people in the homophobic country

Maverick film directors inject LGBT erotica in India’s cultural icon Rabindranath Tagore’s works

80s pop star adds: 'I'd be disappointed if they weren't'

Allen Ginsberg biopic film documenting his early years at Columbia University will star British boy wizard actor

Comic Clary highlights LGBT people’s plight around the world in song for Amnesty International

The annual contest in Buenos Aires has welcomed same-sex couples, making history and changing Argentina's reputation as a 'macho' country

Frontwoman for the New York glam band has spoken out about her childhood and the stigma of HIV in the 1980s 

The British gay actor will star in Jonathan Groff San Francisco gay series, described as 'Queer as Folk' meets 'Girls'

Australian department store chain Target has stood up against complaints of its use of UK reality TV star Gok Wan as its brand ambassador after he called women’s breasts ‘bangers’ on TV

New Zealand speed skater Blake Skjellerup is campaigning for help to enter the controversial Games to be held in Russia

'Same Love' collaborators address the internet rumors and joke about their relationship