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British King of Pop will risk jail and deportation if he possibly goes too far in his message to the LGBT community in Russia

Bisexual songstress gave advice to the Olympic diving teen on Alan Carr's Chatty Man

Maria Bello, Adam Lambert, John Barrowman and others also remember the civil rights icon

Harry Potter star says playing gay Beat poet Allen Ginsberg is his best ever performance

The Smiths' singer's relationship with Jake Owen Walters was removed from American edition of his autobiography

Olympic diver has revealed in the first interview since coming out that while he has dated girls in the past, he has never 'felt like this' about anyone and believes it could be love

Lady Gaga's former BFF will co-produce and star in program about single gay dads in NYC

Olympic diver personally delivered news to them 24 hours before releasing video to the world

Olympic diver did not name his new love in coming out video but reports surface that it is Milk screenwriter

The iconic gay pop artist is scheduled to perform at two different locations in Russia this weekend, but speculations abound his gigs could be cancelled for speaking out on the country's anti-gay laws

Olympic legend says diving phenom helping 'to make this world a better, more understanding, and accepting place'

Singer makes comment while opening up about how each of her records has music inspired by gays

Sam Champion accepts 'amazing opportunity' with the Weather Channel

Prisoners and Coyote Ugly actress Maria Bello has written about falling in love with her best friend and how she broke the news she is in a same-sex relationship to her 12-year-old son in a column for the New York Times

Macy's defends the Kinky Boots' performance at its annual Thanksgiving parade

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has announced the first events in its arts and entertainment program, with a range of cabaret shows, art exhibitions and community events

Christine Forster tells a national newspaper about coming out, leaving her ex-husband and telling her parents and brother that she is gay

But writer Harvey Fierstein praises it as a 'message of tolerance and acceptance to America's parade'

Was part of hazing when he joined Manchester United in 1992

Gold medalist has previously shown musical talent in YouTube videos

'I’m sure Sookie would find a way to be part of the action. She usually does'

Top 10 songs Gleeks choose will feature on the milestone episode of the Fox musical series

Former Take That star has caused controversy for saying that he is half gay because he likes musicals

Twitter and Facebook filled with Thanksgiving thoughts

Several complaints have been made to ITV to get the British singer removed from the hit reality show

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras LGBTI pride festival has given us the first peek at its calendar of events for its 2014 and has signed up a major sponsor for the next three years

Other LGBTI-themed nominees include Concussion, Blue is the Warmest Color and Pit Stop

'He’s not like your typical, skinny-legged jeans, Disney prince. He’s a little thicker'