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'I became the happiest person on this earth'

Christopher Knight says Robert Reed 'was as good or better a father figure than my own dad'

Carver will play Franco's ex-lover in Michael  and 'couldn't be more thrilled'

X Factor winner will not be on Professor Green's forthcoming album

National Enquirer story completey debunked by Harris spokesman as 'complete and utter nonsense'

The CNN anchor confirms the incident but not a report that it left him in tears

John Cameron Mitchell says Rannells is 'so ebullient and he's so sweet' while Harris performed role as 'mean goth girl'

Vicky Beeching has suffered an exorcism, years of loneliness and an illness that could have killed her. And now she's taking the ultimate step

Photos: Oscar-winner thanks couple 'for the reminder that love and its declaration can be simple'

'It was really personal for me, and it benefited my peace of mind greatly'

Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman won’t rule out a gay subplot in a future season of AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse series, and character Daryl Dixon, played by actor Norman Reedus, could be the one to get it

Camp Abercorn tells stories that confront the anti-gay policies of the Boy Scouts of America

Pop singer calls Big Brother housemate sibling 'the fiercest, most incredible, funniest, most intelligent being'

Widow of Humphrey Bogart won two Tonys and an honorary Academy Award

Hit the Floor star hopes Zero will find himself next season

Having kids with partner David Burtka made him 're-fall in love' with longtime partner

Singer is promoting her latest album in gay clubs and sometimes brings along her hunky man

George RR Martin said he would not want to include a gay character for the 'sake of it'

Tweets Jesse Tyler Ferguson: 'It’s the mark of a true artist. I never knew him but I’m heartbroken by his passing'

Oscar-winning actor had been battling a severe depression

Actor posts Instagram photo of he and his lastest co-star - they play ex-boyfriends in the film Michael

Frankie Grande and Zach Rance spent part of summer cuddling but now they are at war

The 2010 Olympian plans to marry stylist Saul Carrasco

Josh Hutcherson wants to help teens from low-incomes or from rural areas who may not be able to connect with other LGBTI youth online

Lea DeLaria, aka Big Boo, is excited to come back to Manchester. ‘The girls there are really hot!’

Gay 'Stay With Me' singer could be following in the footsteps of Madonna, Adele and Tom Jones to record a new 007 song

Charlie Condou will take lead role in Southwark Playhouse production of Next Fall

The Brit actor plays a gay character in Lilting but says Freddie Mercury biopic is on hold