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Tells viewers: ‘I have never been happier or healthier’

Big Brother bosses disciplined the former world heavyweight after he compared being gay to being handicapped and said it could be 'fixed'

Soccer star David Beckham is proud of his 2002 Attitude magazine spread

Black and Daley enjoy a night out clubbing and meet X Factor finalist Luke Friend

The Cockney actor told bigots 'where to put their opinions'

Torrey Smith of Baltimore Ravens writes 'Look at this queen' next to photo of man wearing pink flowery socks

Roberts will also be regular presence on the network's Morning Joe show

Amidst the Twitter storm that erupted when Danny Pennant (Gary Lucy) and Johnny Carter (Sam Strike) kissed, Carter will come out his dad tonight on the show

10 LGBTI characters like a drag queen, a bear and a bisexual woman take on anti-gay politicians and religious pundits in the game available on iPhone, Android and Windows

'Kiss well and passionately and move like you mean it'

Figure skater part of US delegation to Olympics in Russia 25 years after winning gold medal

The singer confirms split from Carlos González Abella but has nothing else to say about it for now

Several people were outraged on social media, saying the British soap is a 'disgrace' and 'ruined' for showing a same-sex romance

Further controversial comments by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson have surfaced with a 2009 video in which he advises men to marry 15 and 16 year-old girls appearing on YouTube

The US Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has praised the creators of the post-apocalyptic game The Last of Us for its inclusion of a gritty non-stereotypical gay character

Willie and Korie Robertson, stars of the reality show Duck Dynasty, appear on Fox News on New Year's Eve

Google ad remembering 2013 includes clip of basketball player Jason Collins describing his coming out

'I was afraid of people like Phil Robertson, who claim to love everyone while simultaneously thinking that everyone's love isn't equal'

Reality show star complains he does not get the same recognition because he has always been open about his sexuality

Tweets to Good Morning America anchor: 'You continue to make us all proud'

DVD rental kiosk company decided to offer film despite policy against carrying documentaries

'I had a rough childhood growing up - very rough ... Thank God I didn’t kill myself'

In a Facebook post Robin Roberts, the host of Good Morning America, mentions her long-term partner Amber Laign

British playwright Alan Bennett accuses former UK Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher of being a ‘mirthless bully’ in published diary extracts

Alabama Republican state Senator Jerry Fielding wants to make a public stand for Christians who believe in biblical principles

Vice Ganda plays quadruplets comprising a straight man, a gay man, a woman and a tomboy

A&E Networks, which had been 'extremely disappointed' by his remarks, lifts supsension

'We’re still telling a great story and shedding light on what’s happening'

Film will star British actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role of the World War 2 computer genius