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Decision hilariously mocked by satirists claiming Singaporean officials now think homosexuality can be spread through sound

Tony winning production will extend its Broadway run through October with a new star

Comedy legend jokes: 'They’ll send Solange after me. I’ll be in the elevator and they’ll beat the hell out of me'

Boy George says even though the band has tried to kill each other, their relationship has 'transcended' to a new place

Sherri Shepherd takes exception when Will Cain makes statement while co-hosting ABC's The View

Filmmaker writes book about his adventure and says: 'You don't need to go on a dating site, just go hitchhiking!'

'I went home, and I was like, "Oh my God, I have glitter between my teeth!"'

The 14th installment of the popular Japanese Final Fantasy series of video games will finally allow players to marry characters of the same-sex with an upcoming software patch

'I realize now that it was hard for him. He had a lot of classic conflicts about all of that'

Talk show host repeats line of questioning about body parts that led to headaches for Katie Couric

Says gays have to 'demand' respect in locker rooms: 'I think you have to just demand equality in general'

Director calls it 'full circle moment' since film is about AIDS activists trying to get the attention of the government

True Blood star has celebrated Pride month by saying her marriage to a man is about love, not gender

Former world number one Amelie Mauresmo replaces Ivan Lendl

'The magic and beauty (of Broadway) made me dream of a life better than the one I was living in'

Heather Peace, who opened the crossing, said she wanted it to be a 'beautiful symbol during LGBT Pride month'

Jonathan Groff referenced John Travolta's introduction of Idina 'Adele Dazeem' Menzel at the Oscars in his own presentation

Neil Patrick Harris and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston won big at the 2014 Tony Awards

WWE superstar Darren Young, actor Wilson Cruz and trans actress Candis Cayne join local political officials and activists for event

'The Robertson family’s passion for the Word is infectious and the impact of their ministry is amazing'

The Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star is listed in critical condition

Hollywood actor Tatum has commended his co-star Hill for his apology, saying Hill is in no way homophobic 

‘My blood was boiling but I was still silent,’ the 77-year-old actor and activist recalls what propelled him to become a vocal proponent of gay rights in 2005

Looking star says filming show's sex scenes are 'the most challenging and easiest at the same time'

TV chef reveals her late husband always considered her to have a real affinity with the LGBTI community

Princess Leia actress tells gay host Alan Carr she will not let him 'go there' when he talks about the camp robot

'I wasn't wanting to be so quick to just throw awaythings that I believe in that I still find are true'

O'Neill was one of only Married, With Children castmates not invited to Amanda Bearse's wedding

Take a look at the way tabloids reacted to the 'revelation' that Jennifer Lopez's dancer boyfriend Casper Smart asked a trans model for selfies