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Texas based Christian rapper Bizzle has recorded Same Love (A Response) in which he likens gay people to pedophiles and accuses them of trying to ride on the coat tails of the black civil rights movement

Brazilian TV show Amor à Vida has become the country’s first soap opera to include a kiss on the mouth between two gay characters after fans of the show campaigned for it

'This is a tragic and sudden loss and we ask that you respect our privacy during this time of grieving. Please keep Phil in your thoughts and prayers'

'I wanted to start a broader discussion in connection with Sochi, because it’s sad that the legislation in Russia restricts the human rights of young people and others'

The hit Weather Girls song took the number 31 spot in the charts this week following a successful Facebook campaign set up in response to UKIP councillor David Silvester’s comments about gay marriage causing recent flooding

Actors Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart had some fun with tomorrow's (2 February) Super Bowl.

The game is the last, and most important, in the National Football League season.

On Twitter, Stewart  posted a photo of him and McKellen wearing the uniforms of the two teams. Stewart represents the Seattle Seahawks and his fellow 'sir'  the Denver Broncos.

Gay athlete and Willie Robertson were seated less than 20 feet from each other but 'they were moving him from one Republican to another Republican'

British soap actor says he was 'very proud to be associated' with a storyline that helped gay people come out to their families

See who has been nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards this year

One Big Happy will try to make network's schedule and succeed where Sean Saves the World and The New Normal did not

Argentine Ana Esteche, who has just won the light welterweight title fight, announces she is very happy in a relationship with a woman

US singer and Christian Martha Wash dismisses UKIP member David Silvester’s biblical theories

CBS management have denied that there was a deliberate decision to avoid show gay and lesbian couples kissing after they were married by Queen Latifa during Macklemore’s Same Love performance at the Grammys

Irish hurler Connor Cusack has followed his gay athlete brother Donal Og Cusack in coming out about his relationships with other men – though he says his relationships with women have been sincere and genuine

Sean Saves the World has struggled in ratings along with rest of network's Thursday night line-up

'But you have to respect his freedom to say or do whatever he wants'

Oscar winning screenwriter and activist talks about last month's trip to Russia to screen Milk

Former Growing Pains star has growing history of anti-gay remarks

British singer says it's a 'no' after Olympics organizers came to her after Cher rejected performing at the opening ceremony

Hallelujah! Weather Girls gay anthem could be topping the charts to fight against bigotry and celebrate England and Wales' gay marriage law

Openly lesbian tennis legend Billie Jean King has told NBC’s Meet The Press that she believes there will be a gay President of the United States one day – but not in her lifetime

Lesbian moms make appearance on episode of sitcom Good Luck Charlie

Former co-host of The View will guest on show where she and Elisabeth Hasslebeck once bitterly squared off

The openly gay US former basketball star Jason Collins will be among the First Lady's guests at President Barack Obama's State of the Union Speech, leading some to believe the president will highlight his campaign's successes with regards to LGBTI rights

Black-tie guests at Supersonic will dine under the wings of the world's most famous aircraft to raise cash for Manchester Pride charities

A production based on the tragic love story between two cowboys, played by actors Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger, opens this week in Madrid

Queen Latifah will officiate the weddings of 34 couples as part of the Grammy presentation of the marriage equality anthem Same Love