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Yulia Volkova said she would 'condemn' a gay son as 'a man has no right to be a fag'

Director had denied all allegations in suit which has been withdrawn by accuser

Tony winner to direct David Burtka in solo New York City cabaret show

'Empire State of Mind' singer reveals a picture with a peace sign on her pregnant belly

The pictures, which are splashed all over social media, show a naked Payne look alike lounging on a bed with another man

US President writes in letter to her daughter: ‘Not only did she make us laugh, she made us think’

Lena Katina has reacted to Yulia Korkova's homophobic comments; her bandmate said she would not 'love a gay son as he would not be a real man'

Gay British singer got an amazing compliment from the one and only Beyoncé

Gay actor, who was a pro-independence campaigner, moves forward after the results reveal Scotland will stay part of the UK

'I wasn't a crying mess ... but they're important words that need to be heard by the person that you're speaking them to'

'Everyone assumes that obese people would just be jumping for joy that they were healthier and thinner'

Ben Whishaw will be starring in London Spy, penned by acclaimed gay writer Thomas Rob Smith

Legendary comic, who hosted the E! show since 2010, died on 4 September

Show's former runner-up handles New York auditions as Urban is with wife Nicole Kidman after death of her father

Flirty older brother of Ariana Grande tells cuddle buddy Cody Calafiore: 'I've had better'

'The guy’s such a stud. I met him once playing golf and couldn’t stop shaking his hand ... we had five good seconds of eye lock'

Faking It will include an intersex character, one of the only ones in TV history

Fans of the boy band are going crazy over a six second video that appears to show Niall Horan kissing a guy on his birthday

Gay Star News chats with stars Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light and creator Jill Soloway

Performer has done striptease in in gay club in recent days and revealed his character in new series Kingdom might be gay

O'Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace join Whoopi Goldberg and draw 3.9 million viewers

Are you Team Daley or Team Cumming in the debate over Scotland becoming its own independent country?

Gay icon makes her first appearance on NBC's late night show in more than 50 years

'He’s someone who is really interested in generating a dialogue'

Former SNL star says Rudd tastes like chicken while Franco tastes like cinnamon

Scheming under-butler Thomas Barrow embarks on a 'harrowing' storyline in show's fifth season