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In Mr Holmes, the famous detective takes on his final case

'I'm not gay, but if I were, I don't view it as a bad thing'

'We will not visit. We will not spend. And we will not attend events'

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fiveFilms4freedom LGBT film festival finds audience in over 125 countries.

Critics have panned the prison comedy, claiming the 'gay panic' jokes are offensive

'We need to listen to them and support them the way they have supported us all these years'

Rodner Figueroa was fired after saying image of Michelle Obama looked like cast member of Planet of the Apes

Harry Potter author has the best answer to a question about Dumbledore's sexuality

Gay celebrity blogger claims he was the 'victim' and Katie Hopkins was 'bullying' him

ABC Family show about lesbian couple and their large brood has season finale tonight

Is confident he'll be playing football somewhere this year in US or Canada

'Two years ago I met my Dustin and my life changed forever!'

Star of Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy will not let homophobic opinions 'affect my fashion choices'

The culprit claims his phone was stolen before the message was sent

Director Roland Emmerich also honored with special award

Scandal star compares fight for marriage equality to fight for interracial marriage

'Perfect 10s AGAIN!!! Twice in one day!!'

Kendell Jenner: 'I NEVER said those things. I never spoke to them'

Justin Kelly, the director of I Am Michael movie that stars James Franco and Zachary Quinto, argues anti-gay activist Michael Glatze should not be vilified

Respectful documentary enables the man who became Todd Tomorrow to share his memories of being a closeted gay star during Hollywood's golden years.

Openly gay anchor took over two hour block formerly occupied by Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid

Singer credits celebrity nutritionist for his dramatic weight loss

'We should all be so lucky to live half as a fulfilled life as he did'

From the archives of the Athletic Model Guild comes a unique insight into today's gay identity