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Orange is The New Black, Behind the Candelabra and Blue is the Warmest Color get nods

Homeland actor said his comments about not wanting to be a 'fruity' actor who only became famous playing wizards was never meant to be in reference to Sir Ian McKellen

 'The only thing we ever argue about is over who loves who more'

Other LGBT nominations include Michael Douglas and Matt Damon for Behind the Candelabra

BBC presenter says she wishes YouTube was around when she was younger so she could come out like the teen Olympic diver

Adam Lambert, Fergie, Andrew Rannells, Kathy Griffin, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch and others turn out

Shankman had told Gay Star News this week he planned on 'vanishing' during holiday season

Movie starring The Divine Miss M will be based on West's book Goodness Had Nothing To Do With It

Leslie Jordan says stage musical was to focus on Megan Mullally's lushy Karen Walker character

Irish gay chat show host was reprimanded by the British Broadcasting Coporation for supporting World AIDS Day on his programme

James Bond actor, who came out as gay and married in August, will be playing the legendary Queen frontman

Gay British acting legend also hits back at Homeland star Damian Lewis' 'fruity' comments

Film has been lauded by Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey and won many festival awards

Family Ties mom marries longtime partner Nancy Locke over the weekend

Nearly 35,000 people in less than 24 hours have watched a coming out video posted online by young Australian actor Harry Cook in which he says he had to come out as gay to be true to himself

The pro-gay anthem, co-written by Mary Lambert, has been nominated for 'Song of the Year'

Performing in Moscow tonight - the first of two concerts in Russia - Elton John spoke out against the country's anti-gay laws from the stage.

'I am deeply saddened and shocked over the current legislation that is now in place against the LGBT community here in Russia. In my opinion, it is inhumane and it is isolating,' John said according to a transcript on Joe. My God.

Oscar winner in bed with a cold while Olympic diver begins some serious training

Singer tweets: 'Let me set the record straight. I’m Bi. Pun intended'

Hollywood silver fox heartthrob says denying rumors about his sexuality is 'insulting' to the LGBTI community

British King of Pop will risk jail and deportation if he possibly goes too far in his message to the LGBT community in Russia

Bisexual songstress gave advice to the Olympic diving teen on Alan Carr's Chatty Man

Maria Bello, Adam Lambert, John Barrowman and others also remember the civil rights icon

Harry Potter star says playing gay Beat poet Allen Ginsberg is his best ever performance

The Smiths' singer's relationship with Jake Owen Walters was removed from American edition of his autobiography

Olympic diver has revealed in the first interview since coming out that while he has dated girls in the past, he has never 'felt like this' about anyone and believes it could be love

Lady Gaga's former BFF will co-produce and star in program about single gay dads in NYC

Olympic diver personally delivered news to them 24 hours before releasing video to the world