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Big Brother star Brian Dowling, X Factor songstress Misha B and many more will be attending the National Diversity Awards 2013

Sydney’s LGBT community will get to see their lives reflected on the big screen twice a year with the launch of a second LGBT film festival in the city – the Queer Screen Film Fest

Before he starred on Prison Break and came out as a proud gay man, the US actor struggled with his homosexuality

Filmmaker and producer Kim Jho Kwang-soo, one of South Korea’s few openly gay celebrities, has married his boyfriend of nine years in a non-legal ceremony in front of thousands which has made news headlines

Scott Thorson asked the court to change his sentencing so he could attend the upcoming Emmy awards show

Olympic bronze-medalist Tom Daley is too focused on his diving to spend time on the gossip about his sexuality

An individual who identifies himself as John Attanasio almost rear-ends a car and calls the passengers 'faggots'

Soloist will dedicate 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' to LGBT victims of persecution, especially in Russia

'I think it's a gay actor's responsibility to give full-blooded life to gay characters'

Cumberbatch is starring as Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, in Fifth Estate – a film about the site and its work

British band is getting ready to release their sixth studio album Tales Of Us

Torchwood star talks to Dragon Con audience about his marriage

Ex Tammy Lynn Michaels concerned about 6 year olds being exposed to topless groupies and marijuana

Two writers depart the lesbian superhero series after they felt DC tried to 'compromise the character and the series’

British acting legend will take on one of the UK's most loved fictional characters

See the Adidas trainers that gay artists and celebrities have designed to raise money for Stonewall

As Heather Peace eyes up the keys to the TARDIS, could the world be ready for a female Doctor and which member of One Direction will be her side-kick?

Sexy vampires, horny Mormons and first love fight it out for attention of the judges and £25,000

'I've changed a lot, I've done a lot of work on myself'

Ryan Murphy and Christopher Guest pay tribute to Glee star at ceremony

Beneath the Surface will focus on Asian LGBT experiences in a series of workshop performances in six cities from London to Newcastle

Twilight actor reveals on Little Ashes, where he played Dali, a part of his performance was not entirely acted

Former child antique prodigy and now CBB star Harries speaks about her trouble finding love as a transgender celebrity

Seth Rogan, Sarah Silverman, Andy Samberg and others poke fun at actor

Alain Delon, once described as France's answer to James Dean, says men are here to 'woo women' not 'pick up guys'

Gay YouTube star Tyler Oakley was given a one-on-five interview with One Direction despite declaring himself a stalker of the band

Glee star says: 'It’s just money'

Actor has landed plum role of Christian Grey in film version of erotic best selling novel

Full line-up for the British dancing reality competition show has been revealed