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Petition demanding Bomer be cast as Christian Grey seeks 100,000 signatures

Celebrities and fellow Olympians among the 160 guests

Scottish actress Neve McIntosh has revealed she will be back to help out Peter Capaldi's Doctor in the hit British science fiction show

Will Young is teaming up with the UK gay right group Stonewall to create a program to train more teachers on how to handlle bigoted  language in schools

World’s biggest LGBT short film prize goes to a true original from Australia. Wales, US and Germany also see work celebrated at the Iris Festival

Eric Marcus, who collaborated on Greg Louganis' best-selling memoir, will co-write Robbie Rogers' upcoming memoir

At least 250,000 people are expected to attend Saturday and Sunday festivities

Paul Feig, director of smash film The Heat, trying to convince Magic Mike star

Shows like Modern Family, Glee and Pretty Little Liars contribute to strong representation

'You know what you're doing is wrong and everyone's gonna be freaked out by you'

Out director Lee Daniels is developing the project and is confident he can get it made

'I feel there are players in the league right now that, quite frankly, I’m better than'

Top footballers wed in a sunset ceremony in Hawaii where the happy couple was joined by their friends and family

Globally famous gay boxer Orlando Cruz wears rainbow themed colored shorts to highlight LGBT issues in his upcoming world featherweight title match

‘It's well known Orson Scott Card and I have different views on the issue of gay marriage and gay rights'

Bisexual pop star has revealed the follow up to her comeback single Applause, alongside the tracklisting for her new album ARTPOP

Titica has become a major Angolan star despite being ‘stoned’ and ‘beaten’ – her appointment shows how she has changed hearts and minds in the country

Guitarist Philip Chevron, who joined Irish folk-punk band The Pogues for their second album, died 8 October from complications due to throat cancer

'I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded'

British soap boss reveals they will be doing a new storyline involving beloved gay character John Paul McQueen

The UK’s celebrity ballroom dance TV show may mirror Dancing With The Stars in other countries which have allowed same-sex pairings

Former jurors in the Larry King murder trial only have sympathy for the convicted killer, Brandon McInerney

Ceremony took place on a beach in Hawaii at sunset

Out actor has been nominated for two Emmys for role of Pepper Saltzman

Gay British actor made Gandalf's wand famous, and now you could own it as it is heading to auction this December

22-year-old Derek Schell has become the first ever Division II basketball player with the US National Collegiate Athletic Association to come out publicly while still playing

'A lot of my hair stylists and my beauty team that I work with are gay so I hang out with gays a lot'

Former co-star Katherine Heigl was among the wedding guests

'I never thought I’d find somebody that is so loving and kind'