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Bass, who says he was bullied by bloggers into coming out in 2006, now says: 'I’m all for it. Out them'

The man behind Spiderman, Iron Man and the Hulk says it 'never occured' to him

Newly married broadcaster responds to his viral athiest video

Video for Heartbeat Song follows a diverse group of people on their quest to find love again

'Do gay men get a pass to say misogynist things because they like dick?'

Promoting new reality series, Barry Williams says he will do anything for ratngs

'When you're playing a role, your own personal experience that's similar to a character's can really help'

NBC News anchor falsely claimed he was in a helicopter forced down during US invasion of Iraq

Gossip blogger and Celebrity Big Brother star on his BFF Nadia Sawala and his nemesis Katie Hopkins

Singer said he wanted to make a statement for LGBTI rights with the new single Lay Me Down

This promise is from the mother herself RuPaul

Mr Holmes sees the world’s greatest detective attempting to unravel his only unsolved mystery 

'Even if I am a homophobe, so what? I still make more money than you'

Controversial blogger gets the boot after weeks of attention-seeking behavior

Character revealed last month that he is transgender male

'No matter how I answer, someone will say, "No, that’s not true"'

'The next time you feel like saying "my gays" replace it with "my blacks" and see how that turns out!'

Features Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer with not a lot on

'Gay rights are still so far from where they should be. So far'

World's first Latina supermodel reveals Sandra Bernhard made her realise she is a lesbian

Los Angeles Confidential magazine's event is intended to honor its cover star

Esther Jenner: 'I am more proud of him now than when he stood on that podium and put the gold medal around his neck'

But the former US First Lady wanted it known that President Reagan had called Hudson to wish him well

Actor had been advised against the part of closeted TV reporter in movie In & Out because of tabloid stories that he was gay himself

'He is just excellent at everything, and he is totally who he is'

'My being out as a gay woman ... way before it was an okay thing to do'

Screenwriter of Milk will speak at the end of LGBT History Month in the UK