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Uzo Aduba wins best actress award for her performance as Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren

'We made out so many times – and it was so good! That's my only gripe'

After losing Emmy and Golden Globe, Ruffalo is honored by fellow actors

For now, Smith is believed to tweeted two messages in response saying: 'Can't believe what I've just read', and 'Ignore'

But openly gay Bop Bop Baby singer hasn’t given up on music completely

Attention-seeking gossip blogger stripped to his underwear to celebrate

Star discusses sexy scene with X Files legend; says it prompted her to quit 'The Good Wife'

'Some friends had fun lampooning "My Husband's Not Gay" on TLC, which showcases gays in Salt Lake who are married to women. What if straight men tried the same in a gay world, hmmm?', he wonders

Kurt Belcher and Bergen Olson one of five teams on CBS reality competition who have just met

'There was never a moment where I made an intellectual choice that I would be a supporter of gay civil rights'

Russia calls the boyband immoral and 'contrary to the core human values'

Grande still enjoying bromances with Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance

Holding glass of red wine he writes: 'It's been a sad day. Beautiful show, but sad day'

Looking star also turned on by guys who order for him at restaurant but won't date someone closeted or a mama's boy

Star is drumming up awareness of their movie I Am Michael to premiere at Sundance Film Festival

Japanese author's latest novel features a same-sex relationship

'I mean, for Christ’s sake, it’s Superman!'

The Normal Heart, Transparent, Looking and How to Get Away With Murder get nods in crowded TV categories

Santana has gotten engaged to Brittany but Kurt and Blaine remain apart in show's final season

Says Knight: 'Going through this whole process with him has been really surreal'

Straight-talking RuPaul's Drag Race continues feud in Celebrity Big Brother house'

'Most of my life to date has been as a straight man, but who knows what will happen next?'

Transparent dominates TV awards - The Normal Heart and Neil Patrick Harris also win

Her character of coach Beiste is transitioning to male on the show

'All the gay people I know just want to live their lives with the same kinds of rights and responsibilities as everyone else.'

Openly gay director says men on the DL are 'killing African-American women'

Director seeks police protection after a sit-in outside his home

Actors says it is 'grossly unfair' his gay brother had to get married in Canada