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The comedian will be playing a love interest in new drama 'Cucumber'

Actor takes over for Tony winner Neil Patrick Harris next month

Openly gay actor will gueat star as Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold

CBS is not expecting a backlash from the LGBTI community over the 12th season plot

Australia's most famous swimming champion couldn't deal with the emotional burden of keeping his sexuality secret

Phone recording played in fellow X Factor judge’s drugs case claims the music mogul has slept with several men

Syco boss has allegedly slept with 'several men' according to footage shown of a PA who worked close with him

Former Prison Break star feels 'more fully expressed' since coming out publicly

 I wouldn't want anyone to rush into things because they see two characters like them get married.

Gay Olympic diver beat out celebs like David Beckham, Shayne Ward and Duncan James to win the top 100

'You know when you stick your neck out ... some people are going to say some of the most vile things that you can possibly imagine'

Remembers being told: 'This is really going to hurt your career. You have a chance to be a movie star, and you can’t do that'

'I’ve got a big female (fan) base to a certain degree. Would some people not really want to see me in that role?'

Retired NFL player believes he will never play professionally again after he spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage

‘Even though I was playing an openly gay character, we thought we might want to keep the mystery of what I do behind closed doors'

Gay 'Star Trek' actor will play the former boyfriend of Michael Glatze - the man who went from gay mag editor to 'ex-gay' pastor

Jamie Lambert, from Collabro, has said he wanted to speak out about it because it's important for gay people in the public eye to be out and open

They both ponder such questions as 'What does it mean to be gay? How gay am I? Does my voice sound gay?''

Oscar producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron have optioned Rogers' story

Publisher Jon Goldwater: 'He could have saved Betty. He could have saved Veronica ... but metaphorically, by saving Kevin, a new Riverdale is born'

Directors of Credence have launched an IndieGogo campaign to ‘challenge the way LGBT characters are portrayed’ on the big screen

The country legend teased her gay fans by saying she has a dance song called ‘Just A Wee Bit Gay’

One of the world’s most popular sci-fi shows returns to the BBC on 23 August, with a new doctor played by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi, a returning companion and a supporting cast including lesbian heroine Madame Vastra

The music video and accompany documentary aims to raise awareness in the #OperationGirl Charity Challenge which is focused on empowering, educating and protecting the rights of women and girls

Fan: 'He willingly kissed a boy just for a Snapchat story on top of apologizing twice.' So should he be forgiven?

Actress says of former Bikini Kill singer: 'I love a riot grrrl'

Honoree James Schamus joked that Oldman is known to 'have a very, very large mouth, but his heart is much bigger'

'I don't want to know what's connected and I hope for his sake it is'