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Singer easily beats the likes of Chris Colfer, Ricky Martin, and Steve Grand in annual OUT Magazine poll

MK Nobilette, 20, is unbelievably the show's first singer to come out while they were on the show

British 20-year-old actor reacts to playing a gay character, the drunken kiss and coming out to a Cockney dad

Thomas Rob Smith, the acclaimed writer behind Child 44, will be penning the story of a gay spy love drama

Guy Wilson: 'No one has approached me on the street or anything, but I’ve gotten hateful anti-gay messages though social media and it makes me sad'

Clayton Pettet, 19, is being accused of 'cheapening sexual relationships' for his 'once-in-a-lifetime performance'

Copenhagen will pay tribute to the first ever same-sex union, the first civil partnership, that took place in Copenhagen 25 years ago

Hunky gay star says: 'I'm along for the ride however they'll have me'

Country-pop star is being slammed for being a 'gay-maker', despite all of her famous partners telling the world they are straight

Venezuelan film ‘Blue and not so Pink,’ which tells the story of a gay father reconciling with his teenage son, has won best Latin American film at the Spanish language equivalent of the Oscars

The 28 year old had contemplated suicide when he was younger but now wishes he had come out sooner

Cover states that 'America is ready for Michael Sam' but also asks: 'Is the NFL ready for Michael Sam?'

Oscar host more popular than ever after more than 10 years in the air

Married to a man, she adds:  ‘Nope I didn’t just come out – you just late to the party. But I have drinks for all y’all'

Longtime gay rights advocate will be performing her song 'Let It Go' from Disney's Frozen at the Academy Awards

British 90s singer, famous for hits like Made For Each Other, has revealed his sexuality at the beginning of his second shot at stardom

Annual event in LA has become one of hottest tickets on the LGBTI calendar and Gay Star News was there

Preparing for Broadway production of Hedwig and Angry Inch, star doesn't want to appear awkward as a transsexual punk rock girl from East Berlin

The annual awards are a celebration of the outstanding achievements of role models and community organisations

Rapper has hit out at the homophobia in urban music, accusing artists he knows of refusing to work with LGBTI artists

Debbie Harry has revealed that Blondie were approached to perform at the Sochi Winter Olympics but turned down the offer over Russia’s human rights record

GLAAD praises spots as truly reflecting 'the fabric of our nation, which today includes gay and lesbian families'

Former co-host appears on ABC daytime show for first time since stormy 2007 exit after blow-up with conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck

G-A-Y club owner Jeremy Joseph is seeking 26 people to test for HIV who have never been tested before as part of his London Marathon run

The story of a Russian arrested and persecuted for his sexuality, forcing him to seek asylum, is told in the new play

'Die Mia, F**king Die in hell! Kill yourself, you deserve to die,' stated one threat on Mia Talerico's Instagram account

Mock calmly tries to educate a defensive Morgan who feels he's been unfairly vilified by the trans community he supports

'I don’t know what all this hoo-ha about Ryan Gosling is about ... I don’t think he’s as gripping and compelling as people like Matt Damon or George Clooney'